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People enjoying the concert

Music Show at Silhouettes of fans, concert slow motion Laser Show on stage. Music festival of youth pop music. A crowd of fans raised their hands, applause. Blurred background for your design

NEW YORK, USA- DECEMBER 2017: top view of the spectators of the theater leaving the auditorium after the performance

JYVASKYLA, FINLAND - AUGUST 17, 2018: The audience adults and children carefully watching the play during the international theatre festival "Art-Workshop"

Clapping Crowd On Their Feet


2021-08-07 - Mariupol City Festival, Ukraine. Crowd enjoys live music at night festival, dancing, cheering under vibrant stage lights

A huge crowd at a rock concert. Fans waving their hands.

Audience Applauds Actors in Theater. People Clapping at Cinema in Slow Motion. Young Audience at Theater.

Fans of classical music applaud the artists in the concert hall.

An anonymous man plays the guitar on a darkened stage under the spotlights in front of a crowd


A group of actors in black stage clothes in the theater perform synchronously and practice synchronized movement in on stage in the theater

An anonymous band performing on stage in front of a crowd of fans under bright lights

Music Show at Silhouettes of fans, concert slow motion Laser Show on stage. Music festival of youth pop music. A crowd of fans raised their hands, applause. Blurred background for your design

Girl watching movie and reacts expressively.

The stadium watching sports show in the winter.


From behind, a confident male director holds papers and gestures, demonstrating correct acting to actors in black suits during a theater

Kazan, Russia - 14 april 2017 - Saydashev State Great Concert Hall - spectators come into the audience, took the seats sit - time-lapse

Fans spectators at the concert. Kyiv. Ukraine

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 15, 2013: Panning shot of people clapping and then show going on in the Circus of Dancing Fountains Aquamarine

HELSINKI, FINLAND - JUNE 01, 2016: A lot of fans applauding and waving their hands at a rock concert. Heavy metal rock festival Tuska, Helsinki, Finland.


A group of confident actors in black suits rehearse their roles and communicate on the stage of a theater with a black curtain. Confident

KIEV, UKRAINE - JUNE 21, 2014: Fans-women applaud their idols at the concert at the stadium

Big crowd of people dancing on music festival concert at night, street music big event applause raising hands, rock concert and dj set in nightclub

MOSCOW - May 21: Grateful audience giving applause in movie hall on May 21, 2013 in Moscow, Russia.

Spotlights illuminate sections of a crowd of cheering fans at a rock concert. Lights get bright at the end. (Editorial)

KIEV, UKRAINE - JUNE 21, 2014: Fans applaud the musicians during a rock concert at the stadium in Kiev.

Viewers in the cinema house. Variant II. Screen size was 59. 4 percent scaled from hd.

Group of applauding people, back view. Crowd of handclapping people at sunrise. Fans at live concert.

Flashing strobes and spotlights at a rock concert with a huge crowd of fans


A group of several young actors in black suits rehearse their roles while their stage director communicates with them and portrays their

Festival of youth rock music. Silhouettes of fans at music show concert. Laser stage show. Crowd of fans raised their hands, applause. Rock symbol made of fingers. Rock concert. Lifestyle

Footage of a crowd partying at a rock concert or dj party slow motion

Misk, Belarus - May 15, 2017: People cheer move lift and clap their hands in unison with singer. People against the strobing stage lights Rock and Pap concert. Crowd cheering nightclub silhouettes

2019-08-09 - Mariupol, Ukraine. MFest festival. Woman sits on boyfriend shoulders, dance waving hands at music concert on open air fest. Crowd applause, jump, enjoy favourite band performance on stage


A group of confident actors in black suits of young theater university students are rehearsing showing expression during actions along with

Medium footage of Indian and Caucasian male presidential election candidates waving to public from podiums, then shaking hands and greeting each other before starting debate

In a long shot, people in the stands are observed, watching a live sports game

Audience on concert or conference - people sitting on chairs using phone and clapping hands

A large crowd of fans raise their arms at concert

Excited crowd of fans at the concert of music rock band

The anonymous audience applauded after the premiere. Tilt shift effect, no visible faces.

Satisfied children applauding in cinema. Storm of applause in cinema. Kids clap hands in cinema in slow motion. Happy children clapping hands at cinema. Happy kids like cartoon movie

The audience applauded the musicians during the festival of culture and Vedic Yoga "Vedalife".


Five confident actors at a theater university dressed in black clothes simultaneously relax and tense individual parts of the body making a

Happy Fans Dancing In Joy At Stadium

Silhouettes of fans at a music show, concert. Music festival of youth pop music. Laser show on stage. Crowd of fans raised their hands, applause. Blurred abstract background for your design

a group of high school students cheered by clapping together to their friends who won

Crowd of cheering silhouettes under the night sky with searchlights