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Appalachian Mountains Valley Panning View

Scattered Clouds over Appalachian Mountains 2

Cloud Shadows on Green Mountains

River Through Appalachian Mountains

Water through Appalachian Mountains

Time lapse over the Blue Ridge Mountains

Green pine mountain forest at aerial. nature landscape at summer day. Evergreen spruce trees at mount hills. Greenery of fir wood. Natural

Appalachian Trail Signpost

Appalachian Mountains Focus Shift

Appalachian Mountains Zoom Out

Flying over rocks and trees in Appalachian Mountains 2

Driving Through Appalachian Mountains

Aerial Appalachian Mountains Cloudy Day Flying Right to Left

Aerial Appalachian Mountains Storm Flying Backwards

Time-lapse of clouds over the Blue Ridge Mountains

Scenic Appalachian Mountains Summer 2

MT AIRY, NC - November 5, 2023 - A slow forward aerial establishing shot of the small town of Mount Airy, North Carolina on an early autumn day.

Waterfall in Georgia

Aerial shot of Springfield Vermont in late fall

Cloudy Side of Appalachian Mountains

View of the mountain valley. Shot. Huge grey stones on a top of green hills

Appalachian Mountains in the Clouds

Car is overtaking truck while driving on the highway through the Appalachian Mountains

Scattered Clouds over Appalachian Mountains

View of Valley

Appalachian Mountains

On a rainy day, a pan captures the Appalachian foothills

Establishing shot of downtown Asheville filmed from the South looking North - revealing push in shot filmed through iron bars during sunset or sunrise

Sunny Mountains

Whiteside Mountain, South Carolina, USA in Autumn.

Native American Indian Dancing On Grass 001

Vehicle traffic exits the highway freeway, with a white Escalade truck pulling in front

Aerial View Of Wind Turbine Farm On Mountain Landscape. Early Morning

Driving past truckers, the journey takes place on the Appalachian Mountains

A large white dogwood tree in full bloom in a front yard of a log home with a red barn

Lush green foliage and Appalachians

Curvy Road Through Appalachian Mountains 2

Bottom to top pan reveals a Native American Indian First Nations feather head dress

Picturesque valley with yellow meadows and giant cold mountains with white peaks. Creative. Snow covered hills in a morning haze.

A left-to-right pan captures Native American Indian First Nations and Metis tents and teepees

Native Americans play a skin drum with a microphone

Footage with the appearance of drunk driving is captured under a highway freeway pass at night, with a shaky camera

Green mountain range completely covered with trees and vegetation. Clip. Magnificent nature aerial view from flying drone over the beautiful

White dogwood and azalea flower blossoms in the springtime in a forest setting with the setting sun and lens flare

Native American Playing Frame Drum

A river flows through the pristine beauty of a green european wood forest

Pasture on mountain

Slow aerial ascent near Springfield Vermont