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Side medium footage of depressed young man crying in despair sitting in dark room in solitude

One Depressed Young Man Sitting On Floor Suffering From Mental Illness Covering Face With Regret Male Person Feeling Anxious And Depression

Tense Young Woman Sitting On Couch Indoors At Home Feeling Anxiety With Hands In Hair

Stressed concerned millennial man thinking over bad news

a Muslim woman is sad and alone at a front desk

Psychological portrait of a stressed man with obscured face, expressing annoyment and sufferance


One Scared Young Black Woman Looking Sideways In Worry And Anxiety Macro Close Up Of 20 S Female Person Of African Descent In Paranoid Emotion In Black And White

Frightened woman presses hands to chest feeling nervous

Sad teenage girl sitting on the floor.


Close up view of Anxious Woman Suffering From Mental Problems And Anxiety At Home

Anxious black man consumed by apprehension and unease


Tired Mother Feeling Frustration With Toddler Mom Anguish Anxious Emotion With Baby Boy 2

Teenager Expresses Emotions: Sadness, Guilt, Frustration

Scared Anxious Young Woman Struggles With Mental Problems Feeling Fearful And Desperation During Difficult Times Standing On Teal Background

Stressed woman with bun feeling anxious

Distressed woman. Businesswoman is stressed and grieving.

One Anxious Depressed Man In Despair Sitting At Home In The Dark Person Suffering From Mental Illness Alone In Corridor Feeling Shame And Regret


One Anxious Young Black Woman Close Up Face Expressing Preoccupation And Mental Despair In Dramatic Black And White Desperate 20 S Person Of African Descent

A depsondent woman is slightly out of focus as she battles grief

Emotional portrait annoyed man with hidden face, expressing distress and exhaustion. Mental burnout


Side handheld footage of Caucasian man suffering from anxiety or despair sitting alone on bed at home

Exhausted Woman With Migraine On Sofa

Women sitting on bed holding her head. She has a painful headache. The woman experiences a headache, rubs her temples and frowns in pain. Seasonal disease, Caucasian girl in the bedroom on sick leave

One Troubled Young Black Woman Struggles With Headache And Mentla Pressure During Lifes Challenges Worried Anxious African American 20 S Person Covering Face

man with two options character

Concerned Pregnant Woman Checking Pregnancy Test at Home

Anxious and worried man thinks about something, close-up

Depressed Teenage Girl Lying On Bed At Home Looking At Mobile Phone

Nervous black girl typing message while fighting on social media, throwing mobile phone away and feeling anxious in bedroom at home

Portrait of middle aged blonde woman waiting at train station at night

Person Suffering From Mental Illness Sitting On Floor At Home, side view

Portrait of anxious Caucasian woman thinking talking to herself at black background. Worried lady rehearsing speech. Anxiety and public speaking concept.


Chest up portrait of crying Caucasian guy with curly hair looking at camera, feeling anxious and desperate, going through difficult period in life

Animated Characters: A Young Mother and Her Son

Thoughtful female character animation

Overworked and Tired from Work

Tired Asian man massages head with fingers frowning

Concerned young man reading news on smartphone at home in the evening

This is an emergency

Stressed Caucasian man thinking standing up from couch walking away. Portrait of troubled anxious guy leaving. Worries and lifestyle concept.

Middle Aged People Are Suffering From Mental Stress Mental Breakdown Insomnia And Tossing And Turning

Close-up of worried woman's face on green screen background

Sad teenage girl sitting on the floor.

Macro closeup of anxious sleeping lab growing foetus pulling hand inside artificial womb

Frustrated Black Man Feeling Anxiety Anxious Candid African Person In Depression

Close up panning of a despondent woman sitting on the floor

Worried Older Woman Sitting By The Side Of Bed At Night Unable To Sleep Suffering From Anxiety

Anxious young woman feeling upset at home