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The guy trying to find the answer to the question. decision search process

Selective focus rear view of unrecognizable business people raising hands to ask their questions to lecturer

Tracking macro shot of pen marking answers in a history test in school

Question mark sign animation

Pupils Writing Answer To Maths Problem On Board Shot On R3D

Medium shot of diverse journalists with microphones and camera interviewing cheerful middle-aged Caucasian male governor or senator, campaigning for nomination in presidential election


Medium vertical shot of anonymous college student raising hand to ask question at programming lecture, male teacher nodding, answering and demonstrating on code example on projector screen

Mature man presenting charts on LED screen during business conference

Animation of Question marks moving on alpha channel transparent background. 009 Full Hd. 4K

Animation of Question marks moving on green background. who, why, where, how, what 009 Full Hd. 4K

answer - a statement (either spoken or written) that is made to reply to a question or request or criticism or accusation;.

Answer the questions, yes no


Diverse press workers sit in the conference hall raising hands. Asian female journalist asks question, listens the answer of organization

Young girl confidently participating in classroom discussion

Medium slowmo of multiethnic smart middle school pupils raising their hands to answer teacher questions having Chemistry lesson in modern classroom

Medium shot of black male student standing at blackboard and looking at equations written on it when answering teachers questions

Tracking shot of group of senior people having lesson in classroom or library and raising hands to answer teachers question


Pensive Little Girl Looking For Answer Thoughtful Child Thinking Deeply

Mixed race students studying science in classroom. Children writing in exercise books. Smart pupils raising hands to answer question at lesson. Boys and girls getting education at elementary school

Portrait of thoughtful young man looking at camera. Middle shot of intelligent millennial thinking at yellow background. Ideas and creativity concept.

Mature man with gray hair and beard tries to come up with answer

Asian man questioning perspective standing in greenscreen studio, thinking about answer and pondering. Male model in a dilemma trying to

Survey Questionnaire Filled Up

Handheld shot of group of middle school children in face masks sitting at desks in classroom and raising hands to answer question by female teacher

Charming girl expressing herself indoors. Young woman confirming something with facial expressions. Female model talking on camera. Girl clenching lips.

Bashful woman shrugs shoulders expressing unawareness

High angle view shot of university professor asking question then students raising their hands to give an answer

Asking Chat GPT a question. The homepage of Chat GPT. Chat GPT gives answer.

Friendly Asian woman in white t shirt opening carton box and speaking with audience during live stream at home

Clueless person raising shoulders on camera, expressing doubt and being uncertain about answer. Young asian woman acting unsure and confused

Confused adult raising hands and shoulders in studio, being unsure about answer. Uncertain woman not knowing to express idea, having doubtful reaction. Thoughtful clueless person.

Female shrugging shoulders, saying i do not know, smiling. Posing on orange background

Middle eastern guy showing i dont know gesture in studio, being clueless and uncertain about answer to the question. Arab person doing

Answer the survey questions

Young esports player talking to adult male announcer at gaming event under neon lights

check marks icon set animation transparent background

Close up of business woman thinking about marketing strategy, having thoughts about development. Pensive entrepreneur brainstorming ideas to plan financial project, pondering solution.

Puzzled woman shrugging shoulders, confused and uncertain with information

Male hand checking red checkmark on transparent screen check box in dark background. Man writing red checkboxes on check list front camera

Medium over shoulder shot of female financial adviser having business meeting with senior clients in cafe, presenting insurance policy, explaining legal details, husband and wife listening, nodding

Group of ethnically diverse college students sitting at desks in lecture hall raising their hands to ask or answer question

Engaged students participating in drawing lesson at junior school

Uncertain person doing sign in studio, unsure about answer. Guy being carefree and casual, doubtful over orange backdrop.

Experienced man presenting at medical conference, answering questions

children in the classroom at school in masks sit in the classroom and answer the teacher's questions by raising their hands in slow motion. Lessons during the pandemic at school

Animation of Question mark on alpha channel transparent background. who, why, where, how, what Full Hd. 4K

Family Playing Game Guess Who Am I With Card On Head. Asian family with one kid plays card game who is who.

Young woman using smartphone during lecture at university while group mate answers question