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Streets of Antigua Guatemala, the ancient Mayan city

Streets of Antigua Guatemala, the ancient Mayan city

Walking people.Colonial town in Guatemala-Chichicastenango

Streets Chichicastenango of Antigua Guatemala, the ancient Mayan city

Block pavement of an ancient street.

Streets of Antigua Guatemala, the ancient Mayan city

Tilt up from canyon rim to the Snake River during sunrise in Twin Falls Idaho.

Tilt down from the Wall stones to Jews Pray At The Western Wall

Streets of Antigua Guatemala, the ancient Mayan city

Top view of mens legs in red sneakers walking along the sidewalk


Storied Stones Intimate Glimpse Of Aged Cobblestone Path The Heartbeat Of Historical Streets

Africa and yoruba gods and goddess. Yoruba in ile ife Nigeria worship Obatala,Esu,Ifa,sango ,orisa as their gods

Ancient Mosaic In Front Of Rocky Coastline

Footage of an old graveyard-the so called steak, in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Aerial view of La Geria, a volcanic area with vines cultivated in pits dug into black volcanic ash, Lanzarote, Canary Island, Spain.

Walking by the paving stones. Close-up

Aerial Dolly: Passing over an old, worn, rustic bench surrounded by fall leaves

Pan Of Different Layers Of Anitpas Palace Ruins


Old stone structures and fountain in mysterious forest of Bussaco, Coimbra, Portugal, 4k - with audio

Close up view of the different sandstone texture in the Utah desert in Zion.


Pov Of Person Walking Through Ancient Cobblestone Street Path Traditional Antique Sidewalk In Europe

Paving Stones, Saint Peter Square: A Glimpse of History

Old paving stones texture. Road surface and sunlight.

Historical Muslim Cemetery sehzade Cami Haziresi, Fatih, Istanbul of Turkey. Aerial Drone Overhead Shot

Close-up view of two individuals walking, a teenager in the park, individuals going up stairs

Columns along a brick pathway are revealed in a bottom-to-top panorama

POV shot of walking Through Time on European Cobblestone Walkway, ancient traditional street

Old tomb with cross covered green moss

Stone blocks in the walkway

High angle view of ancient cobblestone road with mowed green lawn on the sides, antique cobblestone pavement, ancient walkway construction

Siem Reap Banteay Srei Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia, tilt view 4k

Cobblsetone street of an ancient city. Old paving slabs.

Close up of big ancient stones.