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Blue Pitbull with white collar looking to the camera outdoors

Adorable Bull Terrier Puppies

Boxer Dog Playing in the Yard with a ball. Sunny day in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Slow Motion.

Wide shot confident boy and girl looking at camera standing with purebred dog on park meadow. Happy positive relaxed Caucasian brother and sister posing with American Staffordshire Terrier outdoors.

Young dog receiving ear drops from veterinarian in veterinary clinic

High angle view of purebred dog in Christmas hair hoop barking looking up with unrecognizable blurred woman sitting on carpet indoors. American Staffordshire Terrier with owner on holiday.

Friendly American Staffordshire Terrier: Adorable Portrait with a Smile

Boxer dog standing in garden in grass 4k

Curious American Staffordshire Terrier and woman choosing pet in shelter. Young woman and man playing with active animal outdoors.

Adorable Bull Terrier Puppy

Top view curios black and white dog barking asking food from unrecognizable woman outdoors. Close-up portrait of purebred American Staffordshire Terrier at background of green summer grass.

Super slow motion of a black dog catching a tennis ball

Adorable Bull Terrier Puppies

Portrait of relaxed dog in New Year hat lying indoors standing up. Purebred American Staffordshire Terrier at home on Christmas eve. Holidays and pets concept.

Child Plays with a Big Dog in the Summer Yard

Live camera follows American Staffordshire Terrier running with unrecognizable woman outdoors in the morning. Side view confident dog jogging with sportive owner in park at sunrise.

Dog standing guard at back door of home

Caucasian man holding dog collar walking with American Staffordshire Terrier to dog training center entrance. Back view male trainer and curios animal strolling on sunny day outdoors.

Bulldog in the middle of a green field

Graceful Woman Walking American Bulldog

27. 05. 2017 - Kyiv,Ukraine. Owner is punishing his dog. Dog is feeling guilty.

Confident woman exploring forest with dog, pointing in slow motion. Wide shot of tourist with pet.

Close-up portrait of American Staffordshire Terrier outdoors with owner adjusting collar in slow motion. Headshot of confident young dog in sunshine.

Caucasian woman with dog at vet clinic, listening to advice

Expert Cynologist Training Dog with Owner at Center

Graceful dog jumping off bench in slow motion. American Staffordshire Terrier with scenic city park backdrop.

Back view confident adult man strolling in slow motion on park alley with purebred American Staffordshire Terrier. Tracking shot of Caucasian owner and pet walking in sunshine outdoors.

American Staffordshire terrier swimming in a lake

Graceful Woman Walking American Bulldog

Three dogs posing for camera. Owners with Boston terrier dogs posing on blue carpet for photo camera, dogs are calm and cute.

Dog staff on the walk in the forest at sunset

Graceful Woman Walking American Bulldog

Girl bonding with American Staffordshire terrier in countryside

Happy carefree Caucasian girl caressing kissing dog in slow motion sitting with pet in autumn park on meadow. Smiling charming child enjoying leisure with adorable animal outdoors.

Side view curios dog wagging tail asking food as Caucasian woman sharing croissant with pet. Wide shot portrait of happy carefree millennial owner and American Staffordshire Terrier outdoors.

American Staffordshire Terrier with woman sitting at mesh fence eating tasty croissant. Portrait of curios male black and white dog enjoying sunny day with Caucasian female owner outdoors.

Young woman walking her dog on a sunny day

Back view young mother walking with son and dog on park meadow on autumn day. Tracking shot confident Caucasian woman holding hands with boy strolling outdoors with American Staffordshire Terrier.

Happy dog licking laughing woman hugging pet in sunshine outdoors. Positive Caucasian millennial lady and American Staffordshire Terrier having fun resting outdoors on sunny day.

Side view happy dog giving paw to woman in slow motion playing with owner outdoors. Laughing Caucasian millennial lady enjoying leisure with American Staffordshire Terrier on sunny day. Slow motion.

Back view motivated Caucasian sportsman jogging with dog holding collar. Live camera follows confident adult man running in slow motion with purebred American Staffordshire Terrier.

Young person canicrossing with dog at cross country at sunset with blue sky on background. Silhouette of owner and pet training together. Concept of sport.

Wide shot portrait of satisfied relaxed Caucasian man walking with dog on sunny park alley leaving. Happy confident adult guy strolling with purebred American Staffordshire Terrier outdoors.

Close-up head of anxious dog with veterinarian holding domestic pet face examining animal in veterinary clinic. Professional Caucasian woman treating American Staffordshire Terrier indoors.

Purebred American Staffordshire Terrier pulling boy walking on meadow with dog leaving in slow motion. Confident pet and child strolling outdoors on autumn day,

Wide shot portrait of confident little boy walking with purebred American Staffordshire Terrier on park meadow in slow motion. Caucasian child strolling with dog pet outdoors.

Happy woman playing with dog in forest

Woman and American Staffordshire terrier sitting in countryside at sunset