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A night establishing shot of a typical bar restaurant in the downtown area of a big city. Blank marquee for custom nameplate.

A cozy hotel with a full parking lot at night


Medium side portrait of moustached senior gentleman in straw hat taking off glasses and looking at camera while sitting at counter with newspaper in retro diner


Cafe 66 sign in the Williams Route 66 town. Cowboy town sign. Route 66 destination.


Closeup of anonymous customers pouring mustard and ketchup over fries while eating in cafe, having supper with fries and burger


Push in shot of rich elderly man in straw hat and glasses paying for meal in authentic vintage diner and leaving generous tips

Midsection of african american male barista serving coffee in brown coffee cup

In a Right to Left Panorama, people are seen eating and walking around in a restaurant, including an elderly couple

Man enjoying coffee at a street cafe with cityscape backdrop


Medium portrait of pretty Caucasian waitress with red hair wearing light blue uniform and apron, writing down orders and looking at camera with smile in 1980s style American diner


No people shot of row of red leather chairs next to empty tables in authentic vintage diner in red and white colors

American Flag waving at food stand in city 4k

Blurred background of restaurant or cafe. Tables and chairs in mall lobby. Visitors dining. Bright interior. Blurred bokeh background for design.

Exploring Calle Ocho in Little Havana, Miami, Florida: Graffiti on Restaurant Wall


African American male barista serving coffee, fresh roll in bakery, slow motion


Starbucks Coffee Logo at entrance of location NYC 4k

Michelada cooking process, barman making Mexican Bloody Beer with Tomato Juice served with Limes and Nacho Chips. Summer Mexican Alcohol Cocktail Michelada.

Preparing process of Cinematographic Smoked Salmon bagels. USA cusine

Satisfied girl eating dessert at restaurant in slow motion

Pouring beer in glass close-up. Cafe restaurant with european gastronomy food. Traditional czech or german cuisine. Fried sausages, bratwursts on background.

Restaurant interior

Barista black woman entrepreneur. African-American lady in apron and shirt leans on countertop receiving clients with smile in coffee cafe


No people shot of tray with traditional English breakfast consisting of sausages, eggs and beans at table next to cup of coffee and steel kettle in cafe

Man eating cheeseburger, tomato and French at a table fast-food cafe McDonald's

Preparing process of Crustless New York Cheesecake. Taste American Cuisine, Contour highlighting effect


Midsection of african american male baker making coffee in bakery, slow motion

A slightly blurred close-up shot showcases a cup of coffee, with milk being poured inside


Side portrait of Caucasian gentleman in advanced years wearing glasses and posing with cup of coffee while having breakfast in retro style American diner

Young woman enjoying coffee and music at a cafe. African American female sips tea and listens to a podcast or audiobook at a desk.

African american man and woman meeting caucasian partners.

Time lapse of a man eating a hamburger and french fries at a restaurant


Side tilt shot of elderly Caucasian gentleman in glasses reading fresh newspaper at diner counter during his morning coffee

Hands cuts a yummy belgian waffles with a knife and fork in restaurant. Person eating breakfast in a cafe


High angle shot of young unidentified couple sipping milkshake with whipped cream from same glass while on romantic date at cafe

Traditional full English breakfast close-up. National British cuisine, fried eggs with bacon and sausages, toasts, fish and chips, baked beans, orange juice top view. American pub or cafe.

Funny yong women girl eating a hamburger in Los Angeles craft cafe. close-up shot. Fast food eats. Burger in female hands. USA

Pouring salt on french fries. Cooking traditional full English breakfast close-up. National British cuisine, fish and chips, bowl with sour cream. American pub or cafe, fast food.

Traditional full English breakfast close-up. National British cuisine, french fries on wooden tray, fish and chips, bowl with sour cream, sauce. American pub or cafe, fast food.

Closeup Fries french potatoes on the plate

Three burgers and wood board. Side view of hamburgers. Fast food joint.

Cheerful person enjoying coffee in summer city park, holding a cup outdoors


Rear shot of happy boyfriend and girlfriend clinking milkshake glasses while on date night in neon lit American style diner

Portrait of african american barista smiling to camera wearing apron in cafe

Man making alternative specialty filter coffee in pour over, brewing v60, minimal modern white table, early morning routine. Barista make drink in coffee house.

Foamy beer in glass close-up. Cold alcohol stout beer drink in mug. Fresh porter on black background.

Midsection of african american barista pouring milk from jar into coffee cup in cafe

Close up macro woman hands pouring make traditional maroccan tea, metal teapot


The oldest existing McDonald's restaurant on earth is in Downey, about a 15-minute drive southeast of Downtown Los Angeles California. Opened Aug. 18, 1953.