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Close-up Shots of Medical Equipment in Operation

Fire Department Service Truck with Flashing Siren Lights at Night

Nobody in hospital bed at clinical ward on modern floor with comfortable bed, monitor, medical equipment. Technology used for treating disease, illness, surgery recovery, injury

Handheld shot of male and female EMTs putting oxygen mask on unconscious patient lying on stretcher inside ambulance

Red First Aid Equipment Emergency Bag For Accident Disaster

Tilt down view of unrecognizable doctor in red uniform using defibrillator and checking pulse of unconscious senior patient during reanimation procedure in ambulance during emergency


Emergency Service of Fire Department Fire Fighters

24. 08. 2018 - Kyiv, Ukraine. Armored army truck outdoors. Big military vehicle. Military transport presentation.

Closeup doctor measuring blood pressure of patient with tonometer. Unrecognizable paramedic hand using medical equipment to provide first aid. Medical worker pushing rubber bag of mechanic tonometer

Close up of hands of surgeons team during operation with surgical laparoscopy instruments. Action. Team of surgeons at work in a hospital.

Nobody in emergency hospital ward at healthcare facility for intensive care and surgery recovery. Empty treatment room at clinic with medical equipment for problems, disease, illness

Dark long corridor with a bed in the hospital.


Flashing Emergency Service lights of Fire Truck close up

From above closeup paramedic in gloves checking ECG strip on portable monitor while working in ambulance during emergency

red blue lights police beacon on a black background

Slowmo shot of team of paramedics with EMS kits getting out of ambulance and hurrying to rescue

Close up shot with tracking of fluid in IV drip


Fire Department Service Truck with Flashing Siren Lights at Night

Multiracial emergency service workers carrying survivor and putting carrier into ambulance car during rescue mission on disaster site at night

Paramedics hands making cpr with defibrillator on man in emergency car. Medical workers reanimating unconscious man on stretchers. Medical staff providing medical help to victim. Rescue concept

An old military field medical help bag of early 20th century with red cross on it. 2023, Museum of History, Chisinau, Moldova

Handheld shot of male and female paramedics preparing IV bag for patient inside ambulance, then looking at camera

Emergency vehicles driving with lights flashing with ambulance following fire truck down road at night with sirens on.

Portrait of elder patient with nasal oxygen tube standing on bed in hospital ward at medical clinic. Sick old man with oximeter connected at heart rate monitor to check progress


Emergency Service of Fire Department Fire Fighters

Emergency doctor working at night shift in ambulance car. Ambulance paramedic preparing medical equipment for first aid. Portrait of emergency medical technician wearing protective glasses and uniform

Nobody in empty hospital room prepared for treatment. Modern medical technology as monitor, wheelchair, clinical equipment. Recovery ward for healing disease, illness, injury, surgery

Team of rescuers preparing in ambulance car to outdoor operation.

Medical nurse organizing blanket and pillow on hospital bed in clinical ward for treatment. Emergency room designed for recovery patients, surgery, illness, disease healthcare help


From the side close up a confident male army medic in camouflage green clothing and blue rubber gloves ties straps on a stretcher to move a

Warning signs in bright red light 4k

Emergency Service of Fire Department Fire Fighters

Albany Medical Center Exterior and Directional Sign

Handheld low angle shot of male and female EMTs putting diagnostic equipment on unconscious patient lying on stretcher inside moving ambulance

Closeup modern vital signs monitor with oxygen saturation and pulse readings of patient inside ambulance of 911 service

Slowmo tracking shot of female paramedic in glasses checking pulse of unconscious man lying on snow while male EMTs preparing stretcher

Surgical lamp in operating room. Medical equipment concept.

The caring doctor examining patient's lungs with stethoscope. Doctor's consultation with male patient.

Closeup contemporary life signs monitor with blood pressure readings over oxygen saturation and pulse in ambulance during emergency

Rescuer taking care of patient, preparing her for transport.

A closeup view activating a fire alarm wall switch in a commercial building. Emergency strobe lights activated. Shot at 60fps for optional slow motion use.

EMT firefighter loaded with gear from ambulance during emergency at night.

Paramedic Is Taking Out Walkie Talkie

Ambulance on the road

Closet parts of the door and flashing lights of an ambulance on the background of a high-rise building

Handheld shot of female paramedic in glasses talking to patient lying on stretcher in ambulance

Closeup EMS paramedics hands getting ready medical equipment for injuring patient. Unrecognizable emergency medical doctors preparing stretchers for victim. Medical staff working in emergency car

Car accident scene inside a tunnel, firefighters rescuing people from cars