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Crumpled foil close-up. Macro shooting of mashed metal paper. Silver background texture.

Metal rolling machine working in industrial workshop. Metal rolling machine making even metallic sheet. Rolling machine for bending and forming metal sheets. Metallic roller leveling steel sheet

Big roll of aluminium foil sheet rolling on industrial machinery. Equipment working in factory processing raw material. Business, manufacturing, production. Camera moves up.


Top view of a pizza cut into eight equal pieces, which lies in an aluminum baking dish on the table. Unrecognizable people take a pieces of pizza with their hands and put it on their plates while sitting at the table.

Workers in a foundry pouring liquid Aluminum to a sand cast

Gray metallic pipes. Stainless steel texture. Metals used in engineering.

Flooring Production Plant

Metallic, steel or aluminum rectangular pipes and tubes on warehouse. Time lapse. Moving clouds

Industrial cable production. Aluminum wire pulley rolling.

Worker puts polished stainless steel parts to the top at metal factory by man in gloves

Sealed food cans on a conveyor belt in a food production facility

Close up of metal cylinders. Metallic tubes close up. Facts about aluminium.

Crumpled foil close-up. Macro shooting of mashed metal paper. Silver background texture.

Aluminium texture background, scratches on colourful stainless steel.

Metallic, steel or aluminum rectangular pipes and tubes on warehouse. Time lapse. Moving clouds

Can factory conveyor belt. Industrial manufacturing process. Aluminium can production line. Metal food can manufacturing line. Manufacturing industry. Industrial factory conveyor line

Spiral of metal shavings as debris from metal lathe machine at cutting metal heavy industry factory

Closeup of pipes on warehouse. Panning on row of steel pipes. Metal pipes. Reflections on metal pipes

drum of rolling machine on a metal factory

Manufactured stainless steel aluminum corner profiles lying in warehouse indoors. Live camera moves along construction building material stack in industrial storage.

Industry automation that produces tinplate and aluminum packaging, to contain food and drink. Concept: industry, packaging, automation, technology.

Canned food automated production line

The production of drinks in cans

The metal shaves coming from the milling of the metal pipes

Some water boiling at the bottom of a large cast iron pan

Close up of a hand using a manual can opener to open a can of food and removing the top of the lid

Thousands of beverage aluminum cans on conveyor line at factory.


Taking a canned fish with fork close-up . Canned salmon and tuna macro. Canning delicious fish. Golden and silver cans with pull rings. Canned

Male hands holding steel part. New industrial detail. Information about metals and alloys.

Stack of steel parts. Smooth metal surface.

Large industrial chemical plant with high pipes in bright light of winter sunset aerial view drone. Thick smoke comes from a high pipe. Environmental pollution

Bottle of Bud Light beer in ice cooler pan shot 4k

Camera approaches to serious man in face mask controlling process of manufacturing in factory. Male Caucasian employee controls processing of aluminium foil sheet by automated equipment on conveyor.

3 in 1 video! The drill bit make a hole in aluminum surface. Real time capture

Thin stainless steel parts. Stacks of metal details. Properties of aluminium.

Hand opens an aluminum can of food with a pull tab - close up

Canned food automated production line

Unrecognizable female machine operator working at factory with equipment. Woman in uniform adjusting machinery on production line. Manufacturing of aluminium foil, automation.

Pressure measuring gauge. arrow quivers and fluctuates greatly. Industrial water filtration and ionizer system

Opening Aluminum Can - Drinking Soda Coca Cola

Stack of metallic pipes indoor. Long pieces of metal.

Employee working hard at welding

Sheet metal cutting machine for the production of steel pipes. machine for slitting steel sheet. Industrial machine for steel coils cut.

Metal industrial pipes lying under sunlight with heavy machinery at the background. Camera moves along stack of stainless steel tubes on factory or at building site.

Canned food automated production line

Large metal industrial tanks for liquid

Metalworking CNC milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology.

Steel pipes and tubes of air conditioning ceiling system. Roof structure with iron beams in large hight warehouse storage. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Industrial ventilation system