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Cherry or pomegranate juice is poured into a glass. Stock footage. Close up of pouring red juice into transparent glass isolated on red

Red wine pouring into a glass from the battle on a red background. Slow motion.

ROSA KHUTOR - FEBRUARY 2018: BAR Dozens of bottles of expensive and luxurious alcohol placed on wall shelf in a bar. Backlit wall decorated with vinyl.

Opening Cap of Full Bottle with Beer Drink Close Up. Drinking Alcohol Beverage at Abstract Modern Party Indoor. Macro View of Open Cover Lid


Bartender makes elegant tonight

Alcoholic Beverages, Rack Focus

Bartender prepares a cocktail at the bar

Close up of open aluminium beer can

Amsterdam Netherlands 4 April 2017 Heineken Beer Experience Tourist Attraction

Close up of a professional bartender is preparing an elite alcoholic cocktail with ice cubes and smoke to customers at the bar or disco club.

Pouring a martini, slow motion; shot on Phantom Flex 4K at 1000 fps

Waiter pouring champagne into glass. Nice dinner evening. Vintage Film look.

Red cup with alcohol on students campus party

Whisky pouring over ice cubes, slow motion

Bartender pouring liqueur into jigger during making cocktail. Barman adding alcoholic drink to cocktail. Using of cocktail shaker at bar. Special metal utensils for mixing drinks. Barman equipment

Closeup beer glass with male hand squeezing lemon juice in alcohol. Close-up unrecognizable Caucasian man preparing refreshing drink at orange background.

Drop falling into orange juice. Stock clip. Orange juice with alcohol in on isolated background. Alcoholic drink with juice and oranges in

Foamy beer in glass close-up. Alcohol golden beer drink in mug. Fresh pale ale on green chroma key background.

Man drinking beer on white striped background. Shadow silhouette of male person celebrating holiday in bar.

Close up on icy cold blue beverage with fruit slice and matching straw with copy space

Hand Pouring White Wine Into Glass Person Enjoying Appetizer Serving Alcoholic Beverage And Picks Up Cup

Vintage luxury interior of old bar

cocktail drink at nightclub party light

Close up of a dark glass bottle

Slow Motion Shoot On Ice Cube Dropping Into The Whiskey

Bartender making cocktail with alcohol drink with ice in glass at bar. Pouring of whiskey into glass. Barman making alcoholic drink with ice cubes. Mixing of fresh alcoholic coctail with ice

Drunk woman which is suffering depression and drinking whiskey at home. Treatment of alcohol dependence. 4K (UHD).

Drink with oranges and bright light on background is poured into Stock clip. Bar atmosphere and alcoholic drink with fruit. Carbonated drink

Close Up Shooting On Girl Drinking Beer

Beer Glass On Table At Bar Half Empty Or Half Full Beer Glass

Opening beer bottle close-up. Glass bottle with alcohol drink on black background.


Brimming Draft Beer On table With Foam, Tasty Alcoholic Drink outdoors

Story in bar - woman drink beer and talking with friend, black glasses on bar counter

Close up of a professional bartender is preparing an alcoholic cocktail with professional crystal long lasting ice cubes to customers at the bar or disco club.

golden icy cold beer in extreme macro foam. clear beverage and bubbles of carbon dioxide. fresh beer of double-hop just poured. concept of fresh and thirst-quenching beer. texture and extreme macro

Pouring fresh beer into a glass mug in slow motion

A Vibrant Purple on a Rustic Wooden Table, Crafted by a Skilled Bartender

Alcoholic cocktail of fruits decorated with peppermint and powdered sugar. Fresh cocktail with mint leaves by adding of powdered sugar. Bar customer mixing cocktail by drinking tubes

White shelf with bottles of drinks in bar

A Bartender's Artistry: Pouring Drinks into a Row of Glasses

Young people enjoying refreshments by the lake on a summer evening

Foamy beer in glass close-up. Alcohol golden beer drink in mug. Fresh pale ale on black background with lights, celebration, holiday.

Foamy beer sizzling bubbling transparent glass closeup. Barley alcohol drink clear vessel. Hoppy inebriant liquid frothing establishing. Golden blebs raising up clean glassware. Brewery concept

Wine pouring into glasses

Man drinking beer on white background. Shadow silhouette of male person celebrating holiday in bar.

Unrecognizable Oktoberfest woman drinking delicious beer

A Refreshing Drink on the Table with a Skilled Bartender in the Background


Bartender makes elegant tonight