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Travelers are screened at airport security checkpoint

Passangers On Airplane Shaking In Turbulence

Shanghai, China - July 5, 2018: Security agents at an airport working at the check-in desk for boarding a flight.


Commercial airplane on final approach against dusky sky, runway approach lights in view

Waiting for flight at an empty airport. WoMan with children sitting on chair in empty airport lounge. Flights canceled. Problems with flights during quarantine.

Young woman wearing face mask in modern terminal, practicing safe social distancing during Covid-19 pandemic

People wait in the security line at Airport. Hamad International Airport in Doha. Security and passport control, X-ray scanner and metal

Social distancing at airport. People standing in queue in check in point, waiting for registration

Boryspil, Kyiv, Ukraine - June 20, 2021: Flight attendant performing pre-flight safety demonstration. Detailed explanation given before take-off to airline passengers about safety features of aircraft

Luggage coming off of conveyor belt at airport


Airplane descends for a nighttime landing on a brightly illuminated runway

Helsinki, Finland - Dec 19, 2021: A large group of Asian tourists in protective disposable antivirus suits and masks in the departure hall at Vantaa Airport.

Empty airport waiting area near gate at Shanghai Pudong airport.

Many seats at empty airport terminal waiting area. No people in lounge at evacuated airport. Low season means poor business for air travel. Airport abandoned after terrorist attack.

Airport radar control tower. Air Traffic Control Tower at Barcelona Airport with flying plane in sky. Airport control tower at full capacity. Radar control tower with an airplane across the sky.

Medium slow-motion shot of people in protective masks using smartphones while waiting for flight in airport during coronavirus

Asian black hair tourist passenger lost walking alone inside modern airport terminal, female traveler wears medical face mask finding a flight checking counter, holiday vacation trip, health care


Airplane with landing gear down approaching runway with runway approach lights in clear view against a night sky

SLO-mo of passengers using flat escalator at Madrid airport

Security Gate Metal Detector

Passengers showing their covid test results to the airport staff. Bali-June-2021

A low angle view of a 6-foot social distance reminder sticker on the floor of a department store as an elderly woman pushing a shopping cart walks past.

Airplane Ramp Team on Action at Airport Terminal

An elderly woman pushes her shopping cart over a sign on the floor of a store that warns shoppers stay 6 feet apart to comply with social distancing requirements.

A lady is using her laptop while expecting her flight. Tourist freelancer works and waits for flight in waiting room. Concept travel, remote

Air Travel Trip Aviation Transportation Scene of Aircraft at Airport

Berlin Germany Circa January 2018: Passengers Boarding Easyjet Plane Exterior Shot

Young Asian passenger wears a face mask in airport terminal. Traveling during Covid-19. Safety, health, and travel.

Businessman entering office building trough security gates. Media. Man through the turnstile.

Close up of two passengers putting suitcases on luggage tape at airport before flight, slow motion

Expecting woman in mask at airport departure area


A plane takes off from the runway at dusk


Airplane taking off from illuminated runway of airport in the evening

Portrait of Male Pilot in uniform standing at airport


Airplane taking off from a runway, with fog and runway lights visible

Travelling during covid-19 pandemic. Woman wearing a face mask in the airport looking at her phone

A Beautiful Woman Wearing a Pilot Uniform with an Airplane on the Background

Police Dog Searching For Explosives

Traveling during covid-19 pandemic. People waiting in queue at the airport. Bali-June-2021

Woman wear face mask at airport


A Confident of Woman Pilot Portrait as she Stands Firmly with Confident

Airplane Unloading the Luggage and Cargo

Diverse employees of airport checking passports and biometric data working with passengers. 4K shot on Red cinema camera.


The plane lands at night on a brightly lit runway with lights


Ground level view of passengers moving about Madrid airport


Low angle view of an airplane descending in fog - Twilight at an airport with approach lights leading towards the runway

22. 06. 2016 - Rome, Italy. Airport building, road and cars. View from the window, day.