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Young professionals develop close bond at work, 4K

Man and woman coming close to each other against sunset over sea. Love and romantic moments

Colleagues develop close bond at work.

Close-up of hands touching in formal setting


A heartwarming video of relationships at a train station, showing moments of hug, conversation, and companionship between a man and a woman

Man embracing woman when they standing at rooftop and looking at night city. Romantic moments of loving couple. Tel Aviv, Israel


Shadowed Embrace: A Couple's Moment

A romantic date on nature. Close-up of hands. picnic

Friendly woman greeting coworker in lunchroom.

Colleagues sharing a sweet moment in the office


Lesbian woman catching girlfriend with mistress on dating, marriage breakdown, cheating problem

Loving couple bathing in the swimming pool. Man taking girlfriend up and then they standing in water embracing and looking at each other gently


Young unhappy couple in bedroom. Wife staring at phone and not paying attention to husband.

Jealous Husband Suspecting Affair While Wife Texting During Dinner Indoor

Woman using mobile phone and lying on bed

Young Asian man is spying on his partner while standing at the bathroom door of hotel room

Couple in Bed with Man Texting on Smartphone

Middle eastern wife spying her cheating husband texting on cellphone, having flirty chat conversation with lover in bed

Affair - Fake dictionary definition of the word with pencil underline


Lesbian queer couple eating hot dogs in park, frustrated, fight and divorce.

Back view of man spying on his girlfriend undressing in bathroom of a hotel room

Man taking womans hand and they standing together by wavy sea at sunset. Love forever

Close up of couple talk to each other at the cafe

Sad crying woman in the foreground turning and looking at her unfaithful husband who smiling while chatting with another woman. Cheating concept, broken family

Woman Cheating Her Man Texting On Smartphone

Couple Embracing at Tropical Beach at Sunset

Team of workers have kiss. Love affair at work. Fostering at work.

Jealous senior Caucasian man looking over shoulder of wife at smartphone screen as woman messaging with someone. Lifestyle, betrayal, family relationship, love affair.

Colleague surprised by woman's actions in office. Smiling woman and man connect. Team discusses future plans at coworking.

Charming couple sharing a sweet moment

an Asian man flirts and kisses his girlfriend very passionately while in a hotel room

Discovering Betrayal: Woman's Heartbreak

Couple With Man Lying In Bed At Night Looking At Mobile Phone Screen

Close up on the clasped hands of a loving lesbian couple as they sit close together viewed from a first person perspective

an Asian man flirts and kisses his girlfriend very passionately while in a hotel room

Medium footage of adult man reading book when his wife starting conflict because found out of her husband infidelity read messages on his phone fighting and shouting

Medium shot of unhappy couple sitting on sofa man having affair with somebody else texting messages on smartphone and woman feeling jealous starting fighting and quarrelling

Man and woman having a date on the yacht at sunset. Couple drinking red wine in the light of warm evening sun

Jealous Asian Husband Looking At Wife Talking On Phone Indoor

Blonde relaxes by the pool, while a man swims. They share a playful connection.

Wife flirts with husband laughing cover his eyes with palms

Peaceful Retreat: Couple Enjoying Private Conversation in Beautiful Forest Setting

Young man finds comfort in the arms of loved one

Young man bends fingers counting purchases or affairs

Diverse couples sitting at table in cafe participates speed dating

Moskow June 17, 2017: Duel between men's affair of honor. Two people with guns, duel. Cowboys. Wild West Duel close up

A Couple's Romantic Yacht Date at Sunset: A Toast with Red Wine

Slow motion close-up shot of man and woman walking by the sea and holding hands. Love and devotion