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Portrait of senior elegant man wearing jacket with cap and looking at camera in green park in sunlight

Cake And Senior Man Blowing Candles At Birthday Party

Indoor portrait of happy elderly woman

Close-up of festive cake decorated with fresh berries and colored burning candles, blurred on background cheerful aged gray-haired woman blowing out lights during Birthday celebration

The old woman's eye close up

Joyful woman completing a project. Mature lady working on laptop, finishing task at home during self isolation.

A 6-year-old girl climbs on a playground ladder, showing determination and playfulness

Slowmo of 14 year old Biracial online streamer recording video of himself talking to subscribers on smartphone while playing first person shooter game on computer in his room

Candle Number 10 on Birthday Cake Rotating. Ten years old anniversary celebration. Close Up.

Cheerful senior Caucasian man in headphones dancing cooking salad in kitchen at home. Portrait of joyful carefree retiree having fun preparing ingredients cutting vegetables indoors.

Close-up of senior man reflecting on life and blowing out birthday candle. Thoughtful grandfather's home celebration

Happy cheerful senior grandma celebrating birthday with cake and confetti among children and grandchildren at home.

Tilt up slowmo of African American man teaching his 12 year old son to ride skateboard in park in summer

old mechanical counter quickly counts numbers - macro

Medium closeup with slowmo of Biracial 14 year old boy in headphones using laptop while lying on bed in his room


Child Seated Alone In Dark Corridor Struggles With Emotional Despair Covering Face Wth Hands Childhood Depression Concept 5 Year Old Boy In Crisis

Macro Close Up Of Joyful Little Girl Smiling At Camera Tight Facial Features Of 8 Year Old Child Feeling Happy

ELLA, SRI LANKA - MARCH 2014: Portrait of an elderly woman with teeth eaten by paan. Betel nut and other spices eat away teeth and die them red.

Depressed Child Leaning On Defocused Glass Depicting Childhood Mental Health Issues Silhouette Of 8 Year Old Little Girl

Hopeful And Grateful Close Up Of A Smiling 30 Year Old Man Looking Up At The Sky With Hope And Gratitude

A happy child embraces his father. Portrait of a happy child. Education, care. Parenting a 14 year old teenager

A dynamic texture of marker and crayon drawings from my 3 year old. Experiment with different blending modes to composite this over your footage for a unique style. Please see my large collection of film textures and effects for more clips like this.

POV slowmo shot of 8-year-old African-American boy in cowboy costume shooting with toy gun at camera during Halloween home party

4 Year Old Child Strolling Outdoors In Monochromatic Black And White One Small Boy In Artistic Scene

3-year-old girl swings on a swing and rejoices.

Hands of 93-year old man after two cerebral strokes

Extreme close-up view of clock at the last 3 seconds to midnight.

Close up of a smiling 6-year-old girl in heart-shaped missing her front teeth

Portrait shot with PAN of 20-year-old girl in tank top standing by lake and posing for camera in summer

Close-up often years old girl smiling and looking att he camera

Happy elderly gray-haired couple in cone hats enjoying Birthday celebration together at home. Loving husaband hugging wife celebrating anniversary and blowing out candles on birthday cake

POV of 10-year-old girl in lavender shirt speaking in her bedroom

4K Chinese paper lanterns in the night decorated for Chinese new year celebration

happy merry christmas card with santa claus and pine tree in the house ,4k video animation

One Year Old Boy Taking First Steps With Mother

Detailed View Of Young Childs Eye Gazing Upwards Eight Year Olds Reflective Look

A 12-year-old teenage boy sits sadly on the steps of his home, bathed in dim light, lost in his own thoughts. The video explores the theme of adolescent problems, loneliness, lack of understanding

Happy elderly man in a party cap celebrates his birthday online using a laptop, chatting cheerfully, blowing out the candle on the cake

Dragon Procession Celebrating New Year

Balcony Scene: Woman Enjoying Evening with Wine and Smartphone


Old woman with funny glasses

Bearded old Caucasian smiling man blowing out candles on cake piece looking back at senior friends rejoicing. Close-up portrait of happy retiree celebrating birthday with mates indoors.

Vertical slowmo of playful 8 year old African American girl smiling at camera while climbing up blossoming lilac tree in park

A charming Christmas tree in a modern interior 4k

Dramatic Depressed Older Man In Agony, 60 Year Old Man Suffering from Mental Distress

old mechanical counter counts numbers - macro

Slow-motion waist-up portrait of 12-year-old caucasian boy in orange hoodie standing in woods putting on cotton face mask and looking at camera

Santa Claus Dancing on a Green Screen Chrome Key