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White, blue, and red exotic Corvette convertibles are unveiled with drivers stepping out of their stunning cars

A man's hand turns off a light switch in a double switch

The sky clears with dispersed clouds after the rain

Close-up blue ink being poured into water. Shot with high speed camera

A rooftop with antennas and chimney smokestacks is captured in a left-to-right panorama

A black Ford pickup truck F150 pans from left to right, with a red Ford and a man walking in the background

A spooky-looking neighborhood with yellow lights and a small playground is captured in a panoramic view

Editorial: Toronto, ON, CA 12/2017: At night, a McDonald's store is shown with cars driving by

Close up view of man's hand turning on light switch

On an overcast day, autumn tree branches sway in the wind near two park benches, creating a serene atmosphere

A cell phone radio tower emits energy, while white fluffy clouds move across the blue sky

From a tilt-up angle, green Dodge Viper, silver MG, and red and black Corvette convertibles, high-performance cars, are showcased

An outdoor fast sports car show enthralls spectators as they casually walk around

A black Range Rover SUV elegantly pans from left to right in the frame

A panoramic aerial shot captures the farm landscape in the Midwest, spanning over a highway freeway from left to right

Exotic sports cars, including a Corvette, Dodge Viper, and Ford GTS, seamlessly pan from right to left, catching the eye

A Dairy Queen store at night flashes an open sign

A blue Lamborghini racing car pans from left to right, showcasing more of its body with people in the background

The Canadian flag is blowing in the wind by a tall building

Fresh organic produce is displayed with an organic sign

4K Tall Trees Swaying In Wind With Clouds Moving

Close up view of roadside flower with road and cars passing by in the background

A phantom drone is moving around the frame against a blue sky and white clouds

Evergreen trees in a row by the road, a wooden wire fence, and a manicured lawn are illuminated by bright sunshine

The seats and interior of an open BMW I8 sports car are showcased in a smooth pan from left to right

Time Lapse Video Of The Public Park

An orange golden sunset is observed on the ocean water, with waves and land in the distance

The Canadian flag proudly blows atop a building on a windy day, while trees sway in the wind

The waves crash against the sand, with purple clouds in the sky

Travelling and steering down the freeway over a bridge, they navigate in an SUV car at regular speed

Running water in a stream river by a rocky shore is panned from right to left

The bright sun peers through leaves and branches in the trees, illuminating the pathway and snow on the ground with a lens flare

A flyover captures a plot of land covered in wheat grassland

In a first-person view, a car is seen driving on a highway, freeway road, with traffic leading into a neighborhood school bus

A black squirrel eats a nut in a tree on a windy day

Pagodas landscape in Bagan, Myanmar, Burma

Pagodas landscape with an electro bike passing by in Bagan, Myanmar, Burma

A crane hunts for and stalks its prey

Autumn winter trees swaying in white with a blue sky and white puffy clouds in a close-up shot

pan from Pagodas landscape in Bagan, Myanmar, Burma

In a highway drone shot, the flight moves towards an access ramp with farmfields

Editorial: Mt Brydges, ON, CA 10/2017: A red Ford GT with white racing stripes is panned from left to right

At a car show car club, a black Jeep Wrangler Rubicon adds to the vibrant atmosphere

Big ocean waves with a slightly tilted horizon are shown in a long clip

Editorial: London, ON, CA 10/2017: Firetrucks for emergencies approach from different directions with sirens, coming down the road with busy traffic

A dump truck confidently drives on the road, fulfilling its purpose

A park bench is situated by the riverbank, while strong wind blows through the trees on a bright sunny day


View of the pelican in the zoo