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HD New York City Chrysler Building 2

Rockefeller Center seen from ground looking up establishing shot 4k

Pedestrians walking on sidewalk in front of Citibank location NYC

HD New York City Empire State Building 2

NEW YORK CITY - Circa December, 2013 - Tourists visit the tree outside Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.

Rockefeller Center Establishing Shot

Night Aerial Circling Empire State Building

Tourists take photos of giant red Christmas ornaments at 1251 Sixth Avenue, NYC

A Street Sign marking Rockefeller Plaza

NYC Upper East Side

Zoom Out NYC Chrysler Building Aerial

Circa-2007, 4K time lapse shot of Rockefeller Center ice skating rink in New York City, NY

Ascending footage along illuminated facade of Chrysler Building with decorative crown on top. City after sunset. Manhattan, New York City, USA

Tilt Down View Of The Rockefeller Center Building During Christmas Holiday

NYC Upper East Side

NYC Upper East Side

NEW YORK - Circa December, 2015 - An establishing shot of the New York Stock Exchange building decorated for Christmas on Wall Street in lower Manhattan.

Rockefeller Plaza in New York City

NYC Upper East Side

Pan View Of Trees With Christmas Light At Avenue Of America

NYC Upper East Side

NBC Studios in New York

Pan shot of tall buildings in downtown of city

Businessman walking down financial district of New York City

Iconic New York buildings

Manhattan, New York City, United States of America - Statue of Prometheus and The Flag Project in the Rockefeller Center NYC NY USA Americans

NYC Upper East Side

Tilt Down Night Time View Of The New York City Skyline with Chrysler Building

NYC Upper East Side

HD New York City Rainbow Room 2

Time lapse of urban city traffic at rush hour time