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Young traveler with backpack admiring view of ancient stone rail bridge in jungle

Full length back view of successful businessman in suit standing in office with hands on waist, CEO. Businessman from the back in front of a


Young man in black clothes smoking cigar at a dark restaurant. Media. Pensive man exhaling smoke.

Early morning, silhouette of man exercising, stretching body by window at home. Media. Rear view of a young man standing against window.

Tourists walking on ancient stone railway bridge in Sri Lanka

Berlin - Germany, december 6, 2022: Automobile plant, modern production of cars. Scene. Robots at work, build process in automated

Pottery workshop. Stock footage. A large wooden cabinet and pots made of clay.

Background of bright waving flag. Motion. Beautiful 3D animation with waves on canvas of waving flag of country. Waving canvas of US flag

Northern lights view from space. Animation. Northern lights from the stratosphere. Northern Lights over lagoon in Iceland. Beautiful natural

Active tourists go to mountains on sunny day. Clip. Tourists make ascent on hiking trails in mountains. Tourists go to mountains with sticks

Beautiful seascape with a big cruise ship in the Black sea in a sunny summer day, travel and luxury concept. Stock. White giant yacht

Close-up of hands typing text on laptop. Action. Beautiful hands print text on laptop. Writer or freelancer is typing on laptop

Red fox in Clip. Red fox runs along stone slope with green Shooting wildlife with red fox and tall green

Moss-covered trees. Creative. Huge tree trunks with vegetation on them and large leaves.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates, January 18, 2023: close up of male hand holding new Apple Iphone against water fountains in Dubai City.

Close-up of hand in white cotton glove taking very old book from the bookshelf in museum or private library. Stock footage. Exploring of the

Breathtaking aerial view of summer coastline with empty sea shore and green slopes.

Aerial view of pine tree forest on mountain slopes

Autopilot control element of an airliner. Panel of switches on an aircraft flight deck. Thrust levers of a twin engined airliner. Pilot

Aerial view over sandy beach and coast of the southern city on a sunny day. Clip. Summer city located by the sea.

Man riding on a jet ski. Aerial view man driving a jet-ski at sea. Jet ski on the water of the sea. Man riding a water bike jetski. Travel

Back view of young woman on background of sea at sunset. Media. Woman alone enjoys beautiful sunset over sea horizon. Vacation at sea with

Beautiful branches of tropical tree in park

The master is restoring an old book. Stock footage. Close up of a book restorer hands turning pages slowly.

Moscow City skyscrapers, aerial view. Clip. Office business center of moscow city. Moscow-City buildings with sky, aerial view

Beautiful canvas of flag of country. Motion. 3D background with flag waving in wind. 3D animation of moving textile flag of Scotland

Breathtaking aerial cityscape with Old city and Sardinian port with boats at Mediterranean Sea at Cagliari, South Sardinia Island in Italy

Epic rose garden with green trees at day time. Action. Walking along beautiful bushes with red flowers.

Decoration of houses with siding. Stock footage. Wooden facing of facade of house. Beautiful facade decoration of house made under wooden

Top view of old Cappadocia Park in Turkey. Action. Stone houses and buildings in rocks. Goreme National Park and the cave buildings of

Beautiful streams of forest river in summer. Creative. River flows in dense green forest with lush vegetation. Fast river flows down among

The number 8 appears and has glow and light streaks. Numbers Animation

Aerial view of newly built houses and a city street under the shining sun. Stock footage. Concept of urbanization.

Bright butterfly on wildflower. Creative. Beautiful colorful butterfly on flower in green field. The beauty of butterfly on flower in sunny

Flags of Nepal. Motion. The national symbol of the country on a white canvas.

Black background glowing blue energy sphere in space

drug use, people, addiction and substance abuse concept - close up of addict hands with crack cocaine drug dose track on mirror and credit

Doctor uses mechanical tonometer to check body pressure of a male patient. Clip. Concept of health care and medicine.

Row of bitcoin miners set up on the wired shelfs. Computer for Bitcoin mining. cables plug to motherboard for mining machine. Cryptocurrency

Close-up rear view of beautiful blonde hair in nature. Stock footage. Beautiful blonde woman's hair with sunny summer rays. Blonde woman

Arid land with cracks. Shot. Area with arid land in cracks without vegetation. Desert lands with dry land in cracks

Abstract yellow bended lines spreading from left to right on black background. Animation. Abstract growing tree roots or concept of

photographer working in Dark room of equipped photo laboratory, close up

Aerial view of mountain slope and valley. panoramic view of hikers walking in stony yellow, green hill on a sunny day in summer

Colorful kaleidoscope sequence patterns. Abstract multicolored motion graphics background. Beautiful bright ornament. Seamless loop

Beautiful narrow streets of Greece. Action. Decorative elements, paintings and plants.

Close-up of man brushing his teeth. Man with bristles brushing his teeth in morning with toothbrush. Oral hygiene. Morning routine

Moscow City skyscrapers, aerial view. Clip. Office business center of moscow city. Moscow-City buildings with sky, aerial view