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Magnificent view from the air to the city of Amalfi

Switzerland, Lucerne. Elegant panorama of the city, opening from the air.

Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.

Zurich, Switzerland - June 25, 2018: Pedestrians and trams on the streets of modern Zurich.

SERBIA, BELGRAD - 11 may 2017: Picturesque view of the square in front of the national Assembly in Belgrade.

Switzerland, Lucerne. Bridges across the Reuss river. The view from the top .

Construction industry. Aerial shooting

Lucerne, Switzerland - June 27, 2018: The river Reuss and the view of the chapel bridge with the tower Wasserturm in Lucerne.

Preserved in Pompeii bakery with a mill and furnaces.

Modern equipment of the workshop for the production of electric cables for defense equipment. Operation of the rotary apparatus.

Juicy fruits against the background of the rich greenery of peach trees. Orchards of Israel.

Alushta, Crimea. The coastal area of the Cliff, top view.

Delicious coarse-grained cottage cheese, close-up shooting.

Atmosphere of the city of Vienna. Pedestrians, cars, cyclists and a baroque buildings on the square of Empress Maria Theresa

Guatemala.People walking on the streets of Chichicastenango 1

VENICE, ITALY - SEPT 15, 2016: Gondola with tourists in the Grand Canal (Canale Grande) at Venice (Venezia) Veneto Italy

POMPEII, ITALY - 10 JULY 2017: Tourists admire the breathtaking landscape of Pompeii.

Magnificent view from the air to the city of Amalfi

unich, Germany - June 23, 2018: The lively Central square of Munich.

Zurich, Switzerland - June 25, 2018: Switzerland, Zurich. Busy railway station street.

Amazing view of the Belgrade waterfront.

A skydiver is planning in a cloudy sky.

26 august 2016, Israel. Harvesting of wheat. The harvester collects the grain and straw

Flight over the Amalfi coast, positano

Trucks imported building materials to construction. Aerial shooting

ROME, ITALY - 8 JULY 2017: The architecture of the Trevi fountain is the object of constant attention of tourists.

Organic vineyards in Italian agriculture. Nature of winemaking . Steadycam shot , wide engle

POMPEII, ITALY - 10 JULY 2017: Tourists among the ruins of Pompeii. Italy.

Lucerne, Switzerland - June 27, 2018: Switzerland. Many tourists inside the indoor of the Chapel bridge in Lucerne.

Zurich, Switzerland - June 25, 2018: The crowded street of Zurich with tram tracks.

San Marino, San Marino - SEPT 17, 2016 : Public Palace and statue of Liberty in the central square of San Marino - Square of Liberty

The harvest of the figs in third world countries . Close-up cutting

The initial stage of the production of chocolates at a confectionery factory. Pouring cocoa powder into a container.

Weekend in the center of Munich. Holidays with children and shopping. Steadicam shot

POMPEII, ITALY - 10 JULY 2017: Tourists in Pompeii near the statue of the centaur. Italia.

Historic center of Zurich. Picturesque embankment.

The building of the Tribunal to the Pompeian Basilica.

A paratrooper flying by parachute.

Italy . The resort town of Sorrento on the shores of the Bay of Naples.

A colorful Chinese pagoda with many flags by the water in the evening, illuminated by bright colorful lights.

Bird in a cage. Sparrow.

Boats and yachts in the sea on the backdrop of the coastal town of Positano. The Amalfi Coast. Italy.

The work of an automatic conveyor for unwinding copper wire from a coil for the production of electric cable for defense equipment.

Cafes and restaurants in the trendy Tel Aviv district - Sarona

The dazzling beauty of the Tyrrhenian rocky shore. This coastal Positano village. Italy.

A rich harvest of peaches in the gardens of Israel.

Harvesting figs in Israel . Workers collect the fruit . Steady shot

POMPEII, ITALY - 10 JULY 2017: Tour group in the theater of ancient Pompeii.