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Focuses on FX like fluids, liquids, particle systems, rigid bodies, clothes, crowds and grains. Good with hard surface modeling and motion graphics. Quality work is key in this business so each and every one of the my products are created with great care and attention.

Looping Embers 1080p

Looping Smoke Fog Effect 1080p

Edge of Fire Overlay

Seamless Rotating Earth 1080p with Alpha Channel

Water Splash 4 with Alpha Channel

Looping Cartoon Flames V2

Fresh Water Flow Looping 1080p

Water Drop Explosion V 2

Flames Transition

Meteor Shower 1080p

Edge of Jungle Overlay

Plane Tree Growth 1080p

Dark Ink Drop with Alpha Channel

Top View Explosion V 1

Looping Tree with Shadow 1080p

Geometric Crazy Motion Background V 3

Meteor Impact v1 1080p

Water Wreath 1080p

Wall Smash Revealer v1

Teleportation Effect v3

Fairy Dust Effect v1

Vault Break 1080p with Alpha

Blue Glass Shatter

Fire Streak Revealer

Looping Electrical Storm 1080p

360 Rotating Quartz 1080p

Rain Drops on Camera 1080p

Rising Water Filling the View 1080p

Looping Circles Dance

Large Explosion 1080p

Slow Motion Chocolate Fun

Ufo Crash on Transparent Background

Rocks Falling Animation

Pixie Dust Effect V1

Ground Collapse V 3

Audience Crowd 1080p

Big Meteor Impact

Red Heart Explosion

Turbulent Chocolate

CCTV Effect Template

Ground Destruction V 3

Cosmic Portal Opening Angled View

Instagram Logo Particle Revealer

Decaying Transition

Rotating Coffee with Smoke

Looping Scattered Fire 2

Looping Portal to the Void 1080p

Dust Explosion with Debris