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Family living clubs houses and with lake water in the middleas example of real estate development in american suburbs


Daffodils, Narcissus, yellow Daffodil flowers blooming in spring garden, Close up view


New Orleans, Louisiana. USA 8 apr, 2024: Elements of French Quarter, outdoor market stalls, bars and restaurants.


Top down shot of Video editing on a computer. Monitor the computer and capture color correction work of the program for video editing, Video

A person casts her ballot during voting for elections at a polling station. Close up


Drone wide footage of Chicago downtown skyline on day.


Close up shot of Legal and law concept statue of Lady Justice. Move camera view

Catering buffet food in restaurant on traditional indian wedding. Close up shot view

Establishing shot of a street with palm, california surrounded by palm tree at night time

Element of traditional hindu wedding ceremony. Close up shot

Professional Truck Driver approaches his truck and Behind Him Parked Long Haul Semi-Truck


Element of Chicago downtown skyline on day. Drone aerial view

Roasted Turkey Dish During Dinner Celebrating Thanksgiving Holiday At Home. Wide shot footage

Silhouette of palm trees on beach at sunset time . Close up aerial view footage


Legal and law concept statue of Lady Justice on background. Move camera

Judge's hand with wooden judge gavel, Close up shot of judge gavel. Slow motion view

The wide window in the house is open for ventilation. Man open windows


Drone shot of Mississippi River waterfront and bridge in New Orleans, Louisiana. Aerial shot

Cityscape of Paris. Aerial drone view of Paris in sunny day. Aerial Wide shot

Slow motion shot of low angle shot of American flag blowing in wind

Cream colored hanging chairs in the tropical garden. Move camera footage

The serviceman opens the mechanical room to diagnose the HVAC system in the house


Wide shot of Elements Downtown Chicago Under a Layer of Fog. Chicago IL. USA 20 jan 2024

Female hand chooses vegetables at the market. counter with vegetables in a grocery store.

They are leveled with a rake mulch, mulching garden plants with tree bark mulch. Landscape maintenance. Close up shot

Child exploring nature in a lush forest. Wide-angle footage.


Drone footage of Chicago downtown skyline on day.


Wide footage of night street and silhouette of a house at night with heavy fog

Slow waving many American flags blowing in the wind at sunset time. Patriotic concept for US holidays, 4th of July, Memorial day or Veteran


A Jack Russell dog look on camera at home in the sunlight. Closeup view portrait

Close up view of Hand holding rainbow flag among people at pride parade

Close up footage of man Damage burn skin sunburn on the seashore.

Detroit, Michigan, United States. panoramic aerial shot of the city of Detroit. Central Business District and Detroit river. Aerial shot


Heavy storm with lightning over empty parking lot. Wide shot footage

Wide view of Truck driver rides to destination cargo

Man changing the temperature on a programmable hvac system on the house wall


Element of streets Downtown Chicago Under Fog. Wide footage. Chicago IL. USA 8 jan 2024


Close up shot of computer screen where is Video editing on a computer.

Wide aerial drone shot footage of new Roof at sunny day.

Cityscape of Paris. Aerial drone view of Eiffel tower in sunny day. Wide shot

Close up view of Roofer repair or replace shingle that has been damaged and needing replacement at sunny day.

Drone wide shot of South Padre Island, TX morning time

Chicago, Illinois, United States: Aerial wide shot of Soldier Field Stadium near downtown

Footage of 3D printer working, Fused deposition modeling, from plastic.

Wide Drone footage of flying above road lined with tall palm trees.

Solar panel installation on roof of private house, Wide aerial shot

Drone shot over beach sunrise, dolly side panning


Aerial wide shot of french quarters in downtown New Orleans city, Louisiana