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Young woman holds wild mushrooms in hands

Devastating and sad aerial footage of burned down forest from ravaging wildfire in rural landscape. Environmental crisis and natural disaster. Global warming consequence. Destroyed flora and fauna

Woman on luxury private yacht in maldives ocean

Drone fly through thick cloud of smoke over devastated by wild fire mountain. Burned forest in rural area. Environmental crisis and natural disaster. Global warming consequence. Destroyed flora

Straight down birds eye view from drone on luxurious expensive yacht cruising in ocean. Beautiful woman in bikini, lays on deck, relax and sun tan. Life of rich and famous

Epic cinematic shot reveal woman stand on deck of luxurious fancy expensive yacht in open water of pacific ocean. Mindfulness retreat and tranquility resort. Inner peace and quiet on romantic getaway

Woman on luxury private yacht in maldives ocean

Drone spins around woman standing on deck of big private white yacht. Incredible inspiring romantic getaway concept. Inner peace and self love, self care vacation in tropical destination

Camera follows girl on mint bicycle cycling at sunset time to sand beach next to sea shore, she stops at the end and dreamily looks forward

Landscape photographer on top of mountain peak shoot scenery at sunrise. Epic inspirational adventure shot of modern travel explorer. Man with backpack on mountain summit

Camera follows unrecognizable senior man who slowly strolls on beautiful wooden boardwalk. Retired old man on afternoon walk. Happy retirement destination in south of europe

Top view on americano coffee in simple red cup. Foam swirling after being stirred with spoon. Clean minimalistic and symmetrical frame of early morning caffeine intake. Fresh brewed instant coffee

Epic aerial view from bird eyes on mountain serpentine road at sunny beautiful day, man in small red vintage convertible car chasing girl on retro motorbike at sunset summer day

Young female student sit at home and write down notes text

Freelance digital nomad use card adapter on laptop

Bowl of multiple colourful chocolate nut candy. Abundance and gluttony concept. Sugar diet or calorie intake of harmful goods, lead to obesity and heart disease

Drone camera reveals silhouette figure of lonely standing man, on top of mountain range in clouds over epic mesmerising landscape of national park. Mindfulness and staycation concpet

Group of professional road cyclists ride bikes on smooth tarmac of mountain climb on difficult sport training. Healthy outdoor lifestyle for athletes. GRANADA, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 2019

Funny, body positive young woman, not very skinny with normal weight, proud and independent runs in slowmotion on wooden boardwalk or pier in mountain lake during summer camp, jumps in water

Close up shot of rearview or sideview mirror of convertible or cabriolet red car reflect sunset sunshine light while drive in amazing scenery. Concept summer vacation holiday and inspirational travel

Camera scares big beautiful seagull. White ocean sea seagull flies from cliff onto landscape. Wildlife and birds near humans

GUDAURI, GEORGIA - FEBRUARY 2020. Group of friends ride ski lift to go to top of ski resort, wave to camera, make selfie photo or video, excited for winter vacation holiday. Snowboarding team

Handsome trendy young man walk on dark street at night or dusk, look at smartphone app, scroll through news and notifications. Portrait of millennial man with screen lit face smile and laugh

POV shot of man running in between participants of urban city marathon. Closed off main streets of big city for runners. Participant marathon runner on street.

Epic and adventure inspiring shot of adventure adrenaline seeking woman walk over wooden suspension bridge in scandinavian forest. Amazing waterfall mountain river. Woman explore epic location

Close up wide angle shot of fearless wild seagull come close to camera and beg for food snacks leftovers in tourist popular spot. Wildlife endangerment and user generated content concept

Drone fly through thick cloud of smoke over devastated by wild fire mountain. Burned forest in rural area. Environmental crisis and natural disaster. Global warming consequence. Destroyed flora

Amazing and epic inspirational aerial drone shot of female photographer make landscape photos of sea ocean and mountain cliffs,standing on edge, travel destination lifestyle blogger adventure seeker

Authentic candid portrait of young millennial woman look at smartphone in the darkness. Screen lit face from scrolling through applications or news feed. Big data and information overload in technology

Brave and fearless cold water surfer athlete swim through big powerful waves, paddle to get to perfect surfing location point. Concept beauty and peace in sport in wild nature

Steadycam shot of camera flying through bright colorful rainbow bridge, change colors from red to blue at beach resort or tourist town. Concept acceptance and tolerance of gay community

Drone flies over luxurious big white yacht with private swimming pool on deck. Young woman, star or celebrity lies down sunbathing in middle of ocean. Concept social media influencer lifestyle

Wide shot of hiker or camper seat on river or lake shore next to campfire on camping ground. Outdoor camp vibes lifestyle, living outside urban nomad. Man with best friend dog watch sunset


Cinematic aerial flight view on adventure inspiring van on beautiful norway mountain travel road trip. Stunning footage of family drives in camper through rocks, lakes, dramatic clouds on background.

Trendy cool young kid or teenager perform cool trick on skateboard. Follow steady cam shot of skater do kick flip trick in industrial urban neighbourhood. Lifestyle vibes

Epic drone footage of man hiking down mountain ridge at sunset or sunrise, over clouds in setting sun. Amazing adventure concept hiking in national park, reach summit

Aerial drone shot of couple stand on top of adventure van at edge of cliff on epic and dramatic coastline. Cinematic shot of moody travel destination. Vanlife lifestyle for millennials

Small private jet plane warms up engines and spin propeller, ready to take off from landing strip of small rural airport in french countryside. Small aviation as hobby

Funny action camera wide angle shot of female driver in glasses and her furry dog friend embarking on adventure, basenji puppy is resting on girls shoulder almost falling asleep from riding

Cinematic symmetrical shot of small airport for private jets. Windsock blow in wind to show speed and direction of wind gusts. Summer vibes in rural France, blue skies, perfect day for flying

Vertigo effect on road in high snowy mountains, tourist vehicles, electric cars, motorcycles overtake small camper van on its way to camping destination in western norway. Road trip concept

Group of road cyclists or three teammates cruise down empty sunset road during training or weekend ride. Slow motion epic and cinematic shot of athletic young people excercising in free time

Two patriotic and nationalist conservative women giggle and laugh in the camera, wear hipster outfits red checked shirt,fedora hat, round glasses they wave and stand in front of big american flag

Woman lay inside a hammock in forest, look up at the trees, enjoy calm and tranquility. Peace of mind and mindfulness at natural park retreat. Concept summer holiday getaway or camp

Young hipster woman or teenager in brown leather jacket sits on edge of pier or boardwalk with best friend puppy dog and overlooks beautiful lake scenery. Shows best friend nature adventures

Man with paper notebook that says Adventure Time packs suitcase for international abroad travel. Neatly organized personal belongings. Top view social media concept. Personal items in bag

Cinematic and inspiring medium shot of young woman look at phone at sunset, screen lit her face as she scrolls through social media apps. Beautiful epic technology interaction of generation z

Young woman stressed throw things and clothes out of suitcase, try to find smartphone. Messy traveller, anxious and nervous lost phone. Happy woman finally encounters smartphone in travel bag