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Smoky factory chimneys.

Welding machines emit veyerverk of sparks

Automated machine in a production line

Worker using industrial grinder on metal parts in industrial workshop warehouse

Architectural building design and construction plans with blueprints, paper project plans

Industrial background of factory pipes. Global warming concept

Multilevel warehouse with cardboard boxes arranged on the racks, pharmaceutical production

Robot working in an electronics manufacturing facility

Aerial view. Oil refinery. Industrial zone. The equipment of oil refining. Close-up of industrial pipelines of an oil-refinery plant. Large oil refinery.

Industrial, workshop for production of handling removable devices.


Female engineer and male supervisor standing in modern industrial factory, talking about production. Team management in manufacturing

Micro chip is automatically applied. Printed digital electronic board production line.

flying over oil refinery factory. industrial background. gas gasoline production

Bleiswijk, 17th of September 2022, The Netherlands. Largest and most automated distribution fulfillment center Zalando. Modern commercial retail transport logistics center, Aerial drone overhead view.


Female engineer and male director talking in modern industrial factory about solar panel installation.

Manufacturing line at medical factory. Close up of medicine packaging line at pharmaceutical plant. Robotic arm put medicine package on conveyor belt. Packaged goods at automated production line

Glass bottles production. Glass bottles on a conveyor belt in an industrial glass production facility

Press operation: Inserting small parts with close-up of worker hands

Steadicam shot of skyline and cranes with construction workers


Aerial view of industrial oil refinery with smokestacks, tanks, and fields in Grangemouth, Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom.

An engineer talking to the business people and showing the warehouse

Large industrial digital printer printing sheets of paper

Top view of Dubai city. Aerial Drone fly over futuristic Dubai Marina district on sunny summer day. Residential modern skyscrapers,resorts and the beach

High precision CNC laser cutting metal sheet. Clip. Laser cutting in printing. Modern industrial technology


Video of two workers taking break from work, drinking coffee, talking and resting, standing on loading dock outdoors.

Hollywood Boulevard At Los Angeles California United States. Crosswalk Los Angeles California. Business Clouds Downtown Cityscape. Business Exterior Downtown District Panorama.

19 August 2018. Suzhou, China. Workers making asphalt with shovels at road construction

Medical vials manufacturing line at pharmaceutical factory. Quality control of pharmaceutical vials. Drugs automated production line. Ampoules on pharmaceutical manufacturing line at pharmacy factory


Professional male mechanic wearing gloves, hardhat and earmuffs wiping forehead while taking break during workday at industrial machinery plant

Robot working in a production line

Aerial view. metallurgical production, operation of blast furnaces, crane work, hyperlapse

Motion blades large wind turbine in field against background of orange sunset on horizon with bright disk sun. Alternative energy sources. Windy park. Ecological green energy. Industrial

Flight under granaries and elevators or oil storage on sunset

Warehouse workers pulling a pallet truck.

Construction of the ship in shipyard timelapse with cranes. Blue cloudy sky


Team of warehouse employees, worker and managers in hard hats, standing in modern industrial factory.

Worker welding metal construction in protective mask. Workman using electric welding equipment at steel factory. Professional welder working at factory

Aerial of builders wearing bright safety vests working on top of multistory building at construction site, snow lying on ground. Above view urban planning in winter. Concept of architecture

pollution smoke smog dirty. atmosphere climate. energy. industrial industry

Construction design and development blueprint on cloud computing device

workers in woodworking workshop of modern furniture factory, operators work with CNC machines

Aerial Forward Cityscape sunset Factory chimney smoke building steam thermal power plant. Factory production industrial profession ecology pollution


Bogota Skyline At Bogota Cundinamarca Colombia. Public Space Bogota Cundinamarca. Industry Landscape High Rise Building Beautiful. Industry Urban High Rise Building Architecture Town.

Aerial view of agricultural machinery mulchers and harvesters as they work in a field of maize or corn in perfect natural atmosphere , biological hydro , ancient Italian traditions .

Modern city in the evening at sunset. Smoke comes out of the pipes of power plants and factories of the modern neighborhood on the outskirts of the metropolis. Urbanization.

Two men designing and constructing workpiece on computer using three-dimensional program


Technicians High-Voltage Battery Component for Electric Car


Aerial view of the iconic Lemp Brewery in St. Louis, featuring red brick buildings, a tall smokestack, and lush green surroundings. St Louis