Introducing Maker Record, the latest feature from Storyblocks

Introducing Maker Record: Instantly record your audio, video, and screen to create videos faster than ever — all with Storyblocks’ easy-to-use editing tool.

Announcing Maker Record, the latest addition to the Storyblocks creative suite!

Faster, more efficient video creation

Create videos faster with Record! Now, instantly capture your audio, video, or screen in Maker (Storyblocks’ easy-to-use video editing tool) with a single click. Plus, recorded content automatically uploads to your Maker project panel, speeding up your editing workflow.

Additionally, Record gives you flexible recording options. For example, capture your screen or webcam with audio, or any of the three independently. From product demos and digital campaigns to how-tos, it’s never been easier to acquire content for any type of video.

A snapshot of the Storyblocks Maker Record interface, including audio, video, and screen recording.
            Use Maker’s all-in-one recording tool to capture every aspect of your video.

Enhance your videos with Maker

When you finish recording, use the Storyblocks platform to make your video fun and engaging. For example, drag and drop stock footage and music tracks from our diverse asset library to quickly enhance your content. Additionally, choose from our extensive selection of templates, overlays, and motion graphics, to make your video pop. And, apply your brand colors, fonts, and logo with Maker Brands for a consistent look and feel.

A photo of Storyblocks' Maker interface, including the other creative tools you can use to enhance the content.
                        Enhance your videos with Maker’s other powerful creative tools.

Video editing, designed for iteration

Finally ready to export? As you do, quickly resize your video aspect ratio with just one click. For example, resize a 1:1 video for Instagram, or try a 16:9 video for YouTube. With Maker, it’s super easy to configure your content for any digital channel.

And, if you need to pivot quickly or make changes, no problem! Storyblocks is purpose-built for iteration and experimentation. In fact, you can easily re-record, swap, trim, and resize video clips, to drive the business results you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using Storyblocks Maker Record and build a more diverse and engaging video library, today!