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Syringe needle pierces the rubber stopper of the glass vial.

Mixed race female doctor wearing mask giving vaccination to senior man at home

vaccine from phial bottle and filling syringe injection for vaccination

Vaccine mass production line, factory machine animation.

Medical nurse in safety gloves and protective mask using syringe suck Covid-19 out of bottle, preparation medication with sterile vials for mRNA vaccine, biotechnology and herd immunity building ideas

Medical vials manufacturing line at pharmaceutical factory. Quality control of pharmaceutical vials. Drugs automated production line. Ampoules on pharmaceutical manufacturing line at pharmacy factory

Close up of male doctor giving covid-19 vaccine to woman at home

A doctor or scientist in laboratory holding a syringe with liquid vaccines for children or older adults, or cure animal diseases. Concept:diseases,medical care,science, anesthesia,euthanasia,diabetes.

Haifa, Israel - January 2, 2021. Bottles of Covid-19 vaccine reday for use

A nurse is injecting a vaccine to a patient in the clinic. Vaccination against coronavirus

Child Receives Vaccine Shot In Haiti

Blue protective gloves operating syringe injection suck Covid-19 vaccine out of bottle, Medication Drug Needle Syringe sterile vials, biotechnology immunization, white background, close up

Rotating Vaccine Vials Healthcare Trials

Doctor is injecting a coronavirus vaccine into a syringe, close-up

Pharmaceutical production line at pharma factory. Pharmaceutical quality control of medical vials. Pharmacy industry concept. Close up of medical ampoules on pharmaceutical manufacturing line

Woman receiving COVID-19 vaccination with face mask

Pharmacy prepared medication mix in the laboratory.

Bangkok, Thailand -20 August 2021: Asian Medical Staff Injects A Dose Of Vaccine Into The Arm Of Patient.

Close-up of Covid-19 vaccine in hands with doctor in background. Young doctor/scientist holding cure against pandemic virus.

Man doctor and people getting vaccinated, coronavirus, covid-19 and vaccination concept.

Woman receiving COVID-19 vaccine in hospital. Vaccination concept.

Doctor picks up medicine in a syringe

A nurse is injecting a vaccine to a patient in the clinic.

Haifa, Israel - January 2, 2021. People getting the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

Tracking of unrecognizable doctor or medical scientist in protective suit, gloves, mask and goggles injecting sick Asian patient with experimental vaccine from coronavirus

scientist hand putting test tubes ampoules bottles in pcr machine Spbas. dna test, molecular biology technology. concept examining, diagnostics, pharmaceutical laboratory

Close up view of ampoule and syringe with selective focus.

An adult man gets his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Slow-motion tilting-down close up of unrecognizable doctor hands in gloves filling syringe with covid-19 vaccine

Vaccine mass production line, factory machine animation.

Scientist wearing coverall in equipped medical laboratory examining drug discovery with micropipette. Biochemists analysing virus evolution using high tech researching vaccine against covid19

Doctors with syringe, injection in hospital

Paramedic giving people the COVID-19 vaccine injection during the vaccination operation

Doctor With Syringe Needle Pierces The Rubber Stopper Of The Glass With Medication Vial On A Light Background

Close-up vaccination concept. Nurse woman in blue scrubs using syringe to give vaccine injection shot to male patient.

COVID-19 Vaccine Shot Given To An Adult Female Patient

African american senior male doctor giving covid vaccine to male patient in home, wearing face masks

Physician picks up medicine in a syringe

Anxious female patient in mask speaking with African American medical practitioner injecting vaccine during pandemic in hospital

doctors in scrubs checking in boxes of covid-19 vaccine

Medical research scientist conducting DNA experiments under microscope in modern equipped laboratory. Multiethnic team examining virus evolution using high tech for vaccine development against covid19

Close-up nurse administers vaccine injection to young client

Hand holding syringe and medicine vial prepare for injection with surgical equipment and medicine vial background

Doctor and young woman receiving COVID-19 vaccination

Circa March, 2021 - A slider dolly shot of a Pfizer vaccination vial. A doctor, nurse, or pharmacist picks up a hypodermic needle.

Paramedic giving people the COVID-19 vaccine injection during the vaccination operation

Low-angle waist-up shot with slowmo of caucasian man wearing protective mask in multiethnic hospital queue standing up following doctor going to get vaccinated

Child receiving vaccine from female doctor while wearing protective mask.