Transportation Footage

Planes, trains, cars, and boats — show your audiences how to get where they're going with transportation footage.

Girl listening to music with headphones, looking through the train window

Trains in Tokyo Japan

Subway Ride Time Lapse Taiwan

New York city subway time-lapse, showing the loading and unloading of passenger trains arriving and departing at stations

Train Ride Time Lapse Taiwan

Bangkok Thailand At Night Time Lapse

Bangkok Thailand At Night Time Lapse

New York City Usa September 20 2017 Person Standing Near Exit While Commuting By Subway Train

Aerial view of a freeway intersection.

Timelapse Saint Pancras Train Station - London

Aerial view of train in the forest

Traffic congestion and pollution on freeways and interstates emitting CO2 emissions.

Time lapse aerial view of busy highway, freeway, motorway, urban city transportation junction, heavy traffic jam congestion, rush hour, cars passing with multiple lanes of traffic.

Imagining the Joy of Driving: A Young Boy's Adventure

Low angle view of driver opening fuel cap and inserting nozzle into car tank; sunlight shining at camera

Driving With Storm Car Drives On A Highway With The Bad Weather In 4K

OFF road 4x4. POV driver on dirt road

Intelligent woman discussing important tasks with her partner while driving to work

San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge at Golden Hour Timelapse

Mechanic in car workshop - checking and repairing compartment for luxury sport automobile - slider shot

AERIAL: Jeeps driving through desert

Jet airliner plane landing against an orange sunset sky at LAX airport

Large four engine jumbo jet plane landing in silhouette against an orange sunset sky with sound

AERIAL: Cars and transportation semi trucks driving on busy highway

AERIAL: cross roads

4K Aerial air to air of plane flying over runway

Jet airplane landing at LAX airport in Los Angeles in the evening.

Woman Traveler Reading Airplane Menu and Choosing Meal

Aircraft mechanic polishing plane and then standing satisfied with his job

Time lapse shot of freeway traffic at night

Aerial motion timelapse or hyper lapse at night over a traffic circle onramp and up a street showing streaks of car lights, city buildings and parking lots, indicative of the fast paced city lifestyle

Los Angeles urban aerial drone time lapse in motion or hyperlapse at night flying towards an interstate with traffic showing the on and off ramp traffic circles.

Sunset time lapse from California coast overlooking a harbor and island with blue and orange skies and boats passing by.

Time lapse at LAX airport in Los Angeles with street traffic

Ontario Freeways 3

Young child envisioning their future, filled with hope

Tilted shot of couple on scooter taking a right turn through forest road

Tokyo Japan Circa November 2013 Passengers Traveling By Bus Man Reading Newspaper And Next Passenger Covering Face From Afternoon Sun Flare. Documentary Editorial Image

Space shuttle floats in space. Perfect of computer graphics videos about: space, earth, orbit, ISS, the International Space Station, astronauts, NASA and discovery

Stylish woman exiting luxury car, talking on phone. Fashion-forward, curly-haired professional.

New York City Usa September 20 2017 Nyc Subway Trains People Waiting At New York City Platform

4K Aerial Flying Away from Train Moving Through Snowy Forest

Man in blue jeans having automobile problems and stranded roadside checks under the hood of his car

Aerial Footage: Small Plane Flying over Lake Tahoe

4K Aerial Air to Air of Plane Over Highway and Forest

4K Aerial air to air of plane flying over snowy forest

Medium shot of laughing businessman with beard driving car in underground parking lot and chatting with Caucasian and African colleagues in suits

Tractor Trailer on Levee

Slow Mo Shot of Flipped Car and Police Car on Side of Road

Small Passenger Plane at the Airport Runway

Boat Sailing

Aerial view of urban freeway and city skyline at night

AERIAL: Freight trucks transporting the cargo on a freeway

AERIAL CLOSE UP White semi truck freighting goods across the Great Plains in USA

Speed Boat Racing

long boat and poda island in Thailand

Aerial pan of two boats on a river.

Stunning 4K cinematic time lapse in motion (hyperlapse) over the Lido harbor bridge in Newport Beach, California with duffy boats, yachts and harbor traffic visible as the sun is setting with harbor residence buildings lights turning on

Downtown Miami, Florida with Boats Waterfront Day Timelapse

4K Aerial Flying Around Ferry Boat Coming into Lake Como Shore

Night Boats Time Lapse Tokyo Bay

Aerial time lapse or hyper lapse at night with a cinematic and futuristic look at an urban traffic circle or intersection with cars below.

Twilight time-lapse or hyperlapse in Newport Beach harbor with clouds overhead at sunset with boats, yachts and coastal homes in the background.

Samui island sunset view from drone an sail boat yacht. Thailand

Man driving a car on a rainy day, traveling in bad weather

4K Aerial of Car Driving on open country road