Timewarp Footage

From slow motion to hyperlapses, time distortions are influencing filmmaking trends in new ways.

melting ice closeup on blue background. accelerated shoot

Two headphones - one heart. Stop motion

Abstract 1211

Light Hall Escalator

T/L Day to night, High angle wide shot traffic on Nanpu Bridge spiral, Shanghai, China

Time Lapse of the transition from dusk to night showing the illumination on the modern elegantly designed Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Traffic and Neon Signs On The Vegas Strip

Slow Motion Colorful Water Streams 2

Escalator Evening Timelapse

Skipping Port Reflection

the water spray of two of teenage girls covered in Holi paint in the Park after Holi festival

Asia, Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya, Shibuya Crossing - crowds of people crossing the famous crosswalks at the centre of Shibuyas fashionable shopping and entertainment district

Cinematic 4K time lapse in motion or hyper-lapse of Griffith Observatory Park entrance in Los Angeles, California on a sunny, blue sky day.

Karadere Beach Waves

Worker using industrial grinder on metal parts in industrial workshop warehouse

Aerial hyper lapse of cars on freeway and highway with lights in heavy traffic during rush hour.

Los Angeles Downtown Freeway Light Trails

The hand launch paper airplane on sunset background. slow motion capture

Streaking Timelapse Car Lights

Bay Cove Fisheye

Fabulous Starry Sky. Time Lapse 4K

4K Slow Mo Shot Pouring Water into Coffee

Gillin Beach On Kauai Timelapse