Space Exploration

One small step for man.

Explore the galaxy with our curated collection featuring archival NASA space footage, lunar landings, and inspiring space animations.

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Space 1078

Space 1091

Space 1095

Space 1101

Space 1022

Space 1038

Space 1157

Space 1027

Space 1175

Around the space center

Apollo 14 Lifting Off

USA on Side of Space Shuttle

Apollo 6 in Outer Space

Space Shuttle Parts Detaching

Window on Space Shuttle

Parachutes and Engine Smoke from Apollo 9

Astronaut Working Out in Space

The Moon from Apollo 10

Astronaut Sampling Soil Timelapse

Astronauts Playing with Food

Astronaut Doing Flips in Zero Gravity

Astronaut Twisting in Apollo 10

Machines in Space Shuttle

Window View of Lunar Module in Space

Armstrong on Beginning of Space Age

Astronaut Working in Space Module

POV Shuttle View Flying

NASA Spacecraft Launch

Flames and Fire Coming Out Atlantis Space Shuttle Engines

Space Shuttle Lifting Off with Huge Smoke Clouds

Shuttle Flying To Space

Astronaut in Suit Closing Container Underwater

Astronauts Hugging Inside Space Station

Workers Pulling In Orion Module From Ocean

Far Away View of Space Shuttle Lifting Off Over Water

Green Space Particles Exploding

Sun and Planet in Space

Stars and Colors in Space

Space Warp

Falling Space Dust

Pluto in Space

Hubble Telescope

Cosmic stars galaxy exploration, space, 3d, planets.

Dead Planet Star in space

Cosmic Orion Nebula Space Journey

Grey and Blue Intro extended

Outer Space Clouds