This video collection shows the impact of a recession on individuals, businesses, and society as the economy contracts. The collection contains concept imagery for projects concerning the economy, markets, and economic crisis.

Anonymous woman crossing NYC street with shopping bags in slow motion.

Young businessman analyzing stock market trends

A man with indignation throwing an empty purse on the table

Shop assistant inserting a credit card into a pos and inserting pin-code of the card

Man using credit card for online transaction

Calculating income and expenses. Family budget or monthly payments. Family Budget or Monthly Payments

Stock exchange data board

A girl using credit card on-line

Counting money, Seamless loop video of male hands counting a lot of one hundred dollar bills

Close-up shot of a woman in white jeans and blazer walking through a shopping mall with many shopping bags. Translation: Discount, Sale.

Close-up of man's hands counting hundred dollar bills. Slow motion

Man buy medicaments with card terminal at pharmacy. Close up of male hand swiping credit card on pay terminal at drugstore. Male customer using pos terminal at medical store

Stock Market Profit Loss Results Display Horizontally Scrolling on Led Screen with Red Green Text Version 2 Seamless Loop Full HD

The Seller issues a Paper Check to the Client and closes the Cash Register

Businessman checking stock market data on smartphone. 4K UHD video.

Black Friday or Christmas Holiday Shopping on Amazon with Credit Card

Young professional shopping online and managing finances at home. Man using laptop for purchases in studio apartment. Handsome model sitting.

Group of three cheerful female friends with paper bags walking towards sofa in shopping mall to relax after buying clothes

Close-up of man's hands counting hundred dollar bills

Man and Woman walking indoor of fashion clothes store

Young woman walking with shopping bags in city street, slow motion.

Businessman using credit card for online transaction

Woman at Supermarket Choosing Food

Elegant woman browsing in boutique.

Close-up of man's hands counting hundred dollar bills. Slow motion

3D motion graphics background with digitally animated financial line graphs running through virtual space with holographic rates and stock market board