Flying High: Amazing Aerials

Make your film special with amazing aerial footage and dramatic drone shots.

Aerial footage from Tvindefossen waterfall from the bird's-eye view, Norway

Hawaii Stunning Scenic Roadway Aerial

4K 60fps Aerial of Woman Walking in Jasper National Park

flying trough spring trees. sunset summertime. spring trees background

4K Aerial shot of Surfer Riding Wave

Birds Eye View of New York City

Lovatnet Lake: Stunning Nature in Norway

Lake Tahoe Winter Landscape

4K 60fps Aerial of Athabasca River in Jasper

4K Aerial Birds Eye View of Las Vegas Strip at Night

following traffic cars crossing the bridge road leaving the city

business buildings. city. bank banking. skyline. real estate. landmarks

Waves crash into the Rock on the Coast

Windmills for electric power production. Arctic View Havoygavelen windmill park, Havoysund, Northern Norway Aerial footage.

New York cityscape at night aerial view

4K Aerial of Las Vegas at Night

Maldives Islands aerial view.

Woman Looking Out on Epic Mountain Landscape

Tilt Down to Highways Crossing

New York City Bridge and Skyline Aerial View

4K Aerial flying around Rocky Shoreline of Samuel H Boardman Coastline

Grass Valley Stream Traveling

skyline skyscrapers. city cityscape. modern architecture buildings. aerial view

on top of mountain peak. aerial view. winter landscape

panorama horizon. aerial view.water lake.sailboats dock pier

4K Aerial Flying out of valley

Aerial View of Bay Area Scenery

establishing shot of city business district and skyscraper buildings

hyper lapse shot of modern city skyline scenery

Aerial view of person running in mountain landscape

4K Aerial flying around Killarney Castle in Ireland

establishment shot new york city skyline. urban business district at sunset sky

4K Aerial Flying Towards Painted Hills in Wyoming

establishing shot of street traffic cars and urban city landmarks scenery

hyper lapse shot of city skyline and traffic

4K Birds Eye Aerial Flying Over Buildings

4K Aerial Flying Over Rocky Ocean Shoreline

4K Aerial of Las Vegas Strip at Night

4K Aerial Flying over Freeway in California

4K Aerial Shot of Hollywood Sign

4K Aerial/Drone Old Western Church

retro vintage background of old nostalgic steam train locomotive

4K Aerial Flying Around Griffith Observatory

New york city street traffic at night. tourism people. Shot on Red Epic

flying over rocky stone riff cliff. epic coast view background

4K Aerial/Drone Over Sparks Lake Oregon

vertical view go high rise skyscraper buildings

4K Aerial Portland Oregon: Caruthers Bridge