Modern Day Dinosaurs

You thought they were extinct? Think again. These cold-blooded lizards, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and crocodiles all have prehistoric roots.

Iguana Close-up portrait of a resting vibrant Lizard

Close-up of a vibrant green lizard. Stunning colors in this captivating video.

A Friendly Reptile: Iguana Closeup

lose Up on Face of Turtle

Underwater red-eared sliders, underwater

Snake crawls along the branch at home. Reptiles in role of domestic pets concept

Yellow snake curled upside down

vulture head close up. bird. slow motion. flying animals

Curious Ostrich On Farm Walks Up To Camera

Portrait Of Egyptian Vulture

Black Crow Looks Around

Turtle crawling on a crocodile. crocodile under water in clear water

alligator's eye. Close-up of a live alligator's eye. crocodile, caiman. Dinosaur monster

Namibia, Africa - crocodile farm - feeding crocodiles eat chickens

crocodile amphibian animals. crocodile skin. close up