Family Gatherings

Eat, drink, and be merry.

Capture the fun of get-togethers with video footage of families and friends at parties, feasts, and other group festivities.

Girl Eating And Laughing Celebrating Holiday During Family Dinner Indoor

Medium long of happy African grandma serving salad family members sitting at table on backyard of modern house

Top view of cropped friends with hands only in frame, clinking glasses with red and sparkling wine on Christmas, then taking cheese from plate

Child hand is forming a dough with a steel form for bakes a cookies at Christmas eve. Whole family baking a cookies at kitchen with xmas decoration.

Wine glasses clink and cheers in front of a holiday and festive background - slow motion

Asian Senior Old Couple In White Red Holiday Christmas Theme Love Hug Happy Together Flower Field

Mother and son petting cute tabby cat and laughing in front a blinking Christmas tree - mixed - slow motion

Female hand taking hot pizza on served dining table. Appetizing pizza, french fries, salad and snacks on delicious lunch table.

Emotion. African American fans celebrate victory confetti 4K close-up. Diverse supporters go crazy watching sports on TV

African american mother and daughter cooking dough together at kitchen, woman taking daugh and messing girl's nose

High angle view of group of young multi-ethnic men and women sitting at table together, drinking wine and having discussion at home dinner party

Medium slowmo shot of young Asian woman feeding her cute 3-year-old son with tasty breakfast, giving him spoon of fresh honey

Celebration of a large family party in the garden on the terrace, at the table are gathered Relatives and children, young and old people eating, drinking, serving fruit, joking and having fun.

Company of young multiethnic male and female friends chatting, drinking beer and smiling while preparing food for dinner at home

Grandma laughing and Granpa making a toast at holiday family gathering - slow motion

Adult daughter greeting mother at front door as she arrives to celebrate family christmas at home - shot in slow motion

Happy Arab Family Cooking Together In Modern Kitchen

Young boy drops an ornament he is trying to hang.

Mixed race lesbian couple preparing and eating breakfast in kitchen

Beautiful bright buffet with many sweet snacks a candy bar on a white table and is waiting for guests at the celebration. Wedding pastries on a mirror tray. Sweet candy bar on table.

Young muslim woman in hijab eating salad and speaking with male and female friends while having lunch together in cafe

Close-up of cropped man cutting and serving roast chicken to unrecognizable friends who sitting at dinner table in living room

High-angle handheld POV of happy multiethnic women taking selfies, smiling, waving hands and looking on camera in foreground of festive dinner table at home

Attractive Caucasian girl blows out confetti. Slow motion. Excited happy woman blowing glitter on a party, smiling.

Arabian cuisine. Bulgur with eggplant, falafel, bean soup on table, couscous with chicken. Traditional middle eastern culture. Moutabal and vegetable salad in bowls, pita. Delicious rice with meat.

Young Father Cooking Healthy Food With His Adorable Baby Son In Kitchen

Young romantic African American couple sitting together at dinner table, holding wine glasses, talking and then posing for camera and smiling at home party with friends

Women decorates the house. light garland and flags

Happy Multiracial Couple Eating Pasta Having Romantic Dinner In Restaurant

Japanese Mommy And Daughter Making Cookies Using Baking Forms Indoor

Grandparents and grandson playing cards at family dinner over holidays - slow motion

Asian Elder Old Couple In White Red Holiday Christmas Theme Love Hug Happy Together Flower Field

Loving mother feeding her disabled daughter with hot fresh pizza, little redhead girl sitting wheelchair at home

Happy multigeneration family indoors at home eating healthy lunch, having good time.

Happy Grandma Hugging And Kissing Granddaughter Celebrating Holiday At Home

Happy family enjoying Thanksgiving Meal at the table

Mother with two sons is preparing a dough in domestic kitchen. Mom with children is having good time while kneading a dough together at home

Young handsome middle eastern man eating lunch, smiling and chatting with two female friends in hijabs while gathering together in cafe

Senior caucasian couple at home in the kitchen

Israeli cuisine. Shakshuka in pan decorated with parsley, forshmak and hummus on table, eating pita with sauces. National Jewish dishes top view. Eggs fried in tomato sauce, middle eastern culture.

Medium close-up of five young diverse friends sitting at dinner table at home, talking and laughing, then raising wine glasses, clinking and drinking

Slowmo shot of young Asian woman and her little son sitting at table having breakfast together in bright cozy apartment

Young couple sitting at the table and packing Christmas presents to friends, New Year atmosphere in the evening.

Joyous young family couple greeting their multiethnic friends at home, receiving gifts from them and giving hugs while gathering for holiday dinner

Adorable tabby cat paws at hands to get cheese on Christmas - slow motion

African american father and son in kitchen wearing aprons and preparing dinner together

Happy family celebrating Thanksgiving holiday

Happy Family Celebrating Thanksgiving Day Together Having Dinner At Home