Family Gatherings

Eat, drink, and be merry. A lot.

Capture the fun of get-togethers with video footage of families and friends at parties, feasts, and other group festivities.

Wine glasses clink and cheers in front of a holiday and festive background - slow motion

Mother and son petting cute tabby cat and laughing in front a blinking Christmas tree - mixed - slow motion

Emotion. African American fans celebrate victory confetti 4K close-up. Diverse supporters go crazy watching sports on TV

Grandma laughing and Granpa making a toast at holiday family gathering - slow motion

Young boy drops an ornament he is trying to hang.

Attractive Caucasian girl blows out confetti. Slow motion. Excited happy woman blowing glitter on a party, smiling.

Women decorates the house. light garland and flags

Grandparents and grandson playing cards at family dinner over holidays - slow motion

Happy family enjoying Thanksgiving Meal at the table

Lighting a sparkler in a young man's mouth at a holiday party - slow motion

Young couple sitting at the table and packing Christmas presents to friends, New Year atmosphere in the evening.

Adorable tabby cat paws at hands to get cheese on Christmas - slow motion

Group of friends at a holiday party pose together for a selfie.

Happy family celebrating Thanksgiving holiday

Daughter opens up present given by her Dad, she is surprised when she sees what she got. Wide shot. Slow Motion

Brother and sister wrap the Christmas tree with beads together.

Christmas Eve, the family opens the door.

Dinner At Home With Happy Family Praying Before Eating

Step-daughter hugs her step-mom on Christmas morning.

Family is decorating the Christmas tree together. They are putting beads on.

Pretty girl celebrates birthday with her friends. Multi ethnic party with cake and Bengal light sparkling firework. 4K.

Multi ethnic youth dancing with Bengal lights. Slow motion. New Year celebration house party. Birthday. Amazing emotion.

Friends take a selfie picture at a holiday party - slow motion

Two small daughters hug and kiss on Mom for a walk. Mother and childrens are walking in the winter forest. slow motion

Young boy and girl stuff their faces full with cookies on Christmas.

mom with kids drinking hot chocolate

Daughter opens up present given by her Dad, she is surprised when she sees what she got. Slow Motion.

Happy European girl holds birthday cake, blows on candles celebrating with multiethnic friends and confetti slow motion.

Mom lifting up son to hang a sparkling ornament on the Christmas tree - mixed - slow motion

Cards being played at a family holiday dinner by grandparents and their grandson

Friends at a holiday party laughing and in lively discussion.

Winter fun, snow, family sledding at winter time