Concept imagery of rising interest rates, inflation, and stock market crashes.

This stock footage collection contains concept imagery expressing what happens when inflation, interest rates, and market crashes intersect with the lives of everyday people.


Young adult asian man recieving bad news on his laptop watching financial market crash

Man and Woman Worried For Taxes And Family Budget

Analyze family budget. Financial account document and paper notes. Orange marker pen on desk at home


Elderly woman crying, closeup

Close up hands holding overdue bills and financial debt

Chart graph inflation increase rise in interest rates percentage numbers


A pensive businessman recieving bad news about stock market crash on his laptop


Money printing press. Counting of cash american usd dollars. Macro. Top footage

A senior adult male opens his wallet showing it to be empty indicating hard times.


Woman takes out of her wallet and counts US dollar bills


Watching Gas Prices Add Up Quickly

Global interest rates inflation and deflation economic indicators

A senior adult on a fixed income using the calculator on her smart phone to calculate how she is going manage some overdue bills.


Person trading stocks on a smartphone. Investor analyzing stock market investments on a smartphone. Stock market crash.

over shoulder of senior citizen looking at past due bills

Stock market crash, figures changing on ticker display, global economic crisis.

A broker analyzes the crypto coin market on a web browser.

pensive woman lawyer or journalist is reading bad news in internet and thinking, working in office or coworking

High Gas Prices Close Up At Pump

Depressed adult businessman feeling sad after being fired