Go Green

This footage of environmentalists, green energy sources and natural disasters will give your audience the information they need to help keep this Earth green.

Crop side view of volunteers in gumboots picking garbage floating in water of pond working in team.

Climate Change Drought: Cracked Mud from Environmental Impact

4K Wind energy turbines field with blue sky, Renewable electric energy source, Green energy natural friendly, Dolly shot

Flooded Apartments Relief Worker Aid To Natural Disaster Victims Apocalypse Storms Climate Changing Global Warming 4K

Thermal power plant

Aerial footage over farm covered with solar panels in northern Israel

Sprouting Cucumbers: Macro Shot of Watering and Fertilizing

Flooded road cars moving slowly in deep puddles.

Storm at sea creating massive wave swells during bad stormy weather

Ocean pool during big waves brought on by stormy cyclone hurricane weather

Slow motion of many impact sprinklers irrigating a field during sunset

River garbage pollution water stream. Paper pack of juice on clean river water. Environmental pollution

Multiethnic group of volunteers walking in spring forest and picking trash into plastic bags.

Volunteer Couple Collecting Garbage and Cleaning Beach.

People collect garbage, pollution, waste sorting, landfills and poor people

Bulldozer on landfill

Waste paper recycling mill

Male Hand Touching Birch Tree with Buds. Concept of Unity with Nature

The gardener planted rose bushes seedlings in the ground

Fertilizer spreader. Spraying machine irrigating farming field. Agricultural sprayer transformed after watering field. Agriculture fertilizer for field irrigation. Farming machinery for watering plant

4K : Forest fire in Southeast Asia

Turbines spinning on wind farm at sunset

Footage of an industrial chimney showing the polution it causes

Smoke from a chimney on polluting the environment