Earth Day

The best of planet earth

Earth Day celebrates environmental protection of our greatest resource

A man holds a biological sprout of life in his labor hands with the ground for planting, on a green background, concept: lifestyle, farming, ecology, bio, love, tradition, new life.

Group of eco volunteers cleaning up area of dump near the field during sunset, slow motion

Group of eco volunteers cleaning up area of dump near the field

Small girl with grandmother picking up waste from little lake outoors in forest.

Diverse group of volunteers cleaning up forest from waste, community service concept

Young asian man topless with backpack cleaning the sand beach coast, sustainable tourism saving earth, volunteering collect trash rubbish waste on the seashore with the sky reflection on the water

Ristafallet waterfall in the western part of Jamtland is listed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sweden.

AERIAL SILHOUETTE: Contour of young woman walking up mountain at golden lit dusk

AERIAL: Beautiful sunny forest in early spring

Rice fields on terraced in surice, China. Aerial view

AERIAL CLOSE UP Endless rows of violet lavender set in beautiful rural France

Care about nature. Volunteer girl collects trash in the trash bag. Trash-free planet concept. Nature cleaning, volunteer ecology green concept. Environment plastic pollution.

Hand woman in yellow gloves picking up empty plastic bottles cleaning on the beach. Volunteer picking up trash on the sea. Clean planet Earth, collect garbage, avoid pollution. Ecological problem.

Divers Watch Big Sea Turtle Swim Away

Scenic Starry Sky Joshua Tree Silhouette

Medium shot of technicians installing solar panels on metal stand

Aerial view of rotating wind turbines

Red electric car closeup on the cap and charging point on the front hood in a concept of eco friendly transport. The hand connects a cable of charging station to a point of connection of the

Close-up hands of a man screw the bulb into the cartridge on the dark background. Concept of light and dark, idea, electricity at modern home

Energy saving florescent light bulb against green screen.

Children Playing With Soccer Ball In 4 K Kids Running After Ball

Parents With Their Children On Swings

Planet Earth and the Sun as seen from space. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Two travelers watching the meteor shower in summer time. Timelapse of stars moving in night sky over the camp tent