Abstract Motion Backgrounds

Set the scene with our curated collection of motion backgrounds

Expand on your creative options with abstract video backgrounds from our curated collection. Motion backgrounds make videos stand out in the digital world.

Abstract Watercolor Multicolor Bokeh Background 04

Abstract 1075

Abstract 1166

Abstract 1056

Abstract 1169

Abstract 1177

Abstract 1095

Abstract Red Pattern Particle Background

Abstract 1100

Abstract 1213

Strands of Fire Colored Light Flow Under Blue and Green

Fluctuating Yellow Vertical Strands

Blurred Aqua Blogs Move in Circular Motion

Very Colorful Formation with Negative Effect

4K (Ultra Hd) Abstract Nebula Space - Creative Galaxy Background

Abstract 1105

Abstract 1228

Abstract 1176

Abstract 1171

Sharp Binary Green

Overlay Cloudy Sky

Abstract 1218

Abstract 1231

Port Reflection 3

Slow Motion Gelatin Cubes 6

Abstract 1159

Spinning Disco Groove

Two Sided Spectrum

Catalyna Rocks

Abstract 1020

Abstract 1097

Kites In The Sky

Slow Motion Clear Water Streams 1

Red Liquid Pressing on Pane

Abstract Visualization of Yellow "Fireflies"

Abstract Bright Green Form Visualization 5

Abstract 1017

Abstract 1294

Spinning Mesh

Abstract 1149

Spinning 3D Waveforms

Abstract 1013

Abstract 1086

Spinning Abstract Silver Shape

Fiery Texture

Smooth Wave Layers

Eye Rush Pattern

Corporate Backdrop 3