All about the Storyblocks business license

When you and your team are hustling to create amazing content fast, the last thing you need is a complex and overly technical licensing agreement standing between you and the premium video, audio, and image assets you need right now. That’s why we made the Storyblocks business license so clear-cut and straightforward.

We get it, commercial use licensing agreements aren’t necessarily the most glamorous part of the creative process. That doesn’t mean they have to be complicated, though. In fact, we think making the entire creative process easier for you is a big part of being a great partner for your business. That even includes the things that may not seem so, well, creative — like licensing.

When you and your team are hustling to make amazing content fast, the last thing you need is a complex and overly technical stock media license standing between you and the premium video, audio, and image assets that you’re looking for right now. That’s why we made the Storyblocks business license so clear-cut and straightforward.

Your team deserves a commercial use license that aligns with your business objectives. To make that easy for you, we frequently review and update our licensing options to ensure the best possible value for businesses like yours. You can rest assured that your Storyblocks business license (also known as an “enterprise license”) was designed with your team’s creative workflows in mind.

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Why Storyblocks has the best business license for commercial use stock media

Imagine your team spending more time making great content and less time dealing with administrative hassles (like budgeting for individual assets and tracking usage permissions for each one). Sounds like a win, right? Our business license has you covered with millions of 100% royalty-free stock assets that you can use worldwide in perpetuity.

And sure, some people may actually enjoy blindly guessing thoughtfully estimating all of their stock download costs for the entire year. Others might get a kick out of forecasting every potential distribution channel for their content before a project kicks off. Some may even love those deep, heartfelt conversations with their CFO about “budget predictability.” (AKA: “The Talk.”) To those people, we’re sorry. For the rest of you, our business license provides a simple solution: A subscription for unlimited downloads from our entire library. Leave paying for individual assets and tracking their discrete terms and conditions to your competition. You’ve got content to create!

Is a Storyblocks business license right for my company?

You may be wondering what types of companies benefit from having a Storyblocks business license. It’s designed for any organization that uses stock content for commercial purposes. If you work at in an agency, in-house creative team, broadcast channel, production company, school, or university, it’s perfect for you. We also offer business licensing options for internal communications and training teams.

NOTE: Our individual license options may be a better fit for you if you don’t fit into one of the categories above. They’re great for anyone who creates content as a freelancer, hobbyist, YouTube creator, blogger, or social media influencer.

A business license is written to your business (rather than an individual), and we have plans that enable everyone in your organization to use all of the assets in our library for commercial purposes. Best of all, Storyblocks licenses are subscription-based. That means you’ll never have to pay for individual content assets. Just log in, download what you like, and use it! Nobody else makes it easier than Storyblocks.

100% royalty-free library 

Our business license grants members full access to the entire Storyblocks content library. That includes millions of premium, 100% royalty-free video, image, and audio assets across a wide selection of collections and categories. We even include downloadable templates for editing in After Effects, Premiere Pro, and more.

No more switching between platforms to find that perfect asset. There’s literally no limit on what your team can create. And you’ll never have to track down an individual creator later and pay them more money, as long as your business license covers your commercial use.

Unlimited distribution worldwide in perpetuity

The world is more interconnected than ever before, so your content distribution shouldn’t be restricted by borders. With a Storyblocks business license, you can distribute your projects worldwide in perpetuity. Unlimited distribution means any content that your team creates for print, digital, and production using Storyblocks is yours to share anywhere in the world — for as long as you want. Even better: Every individual creative asset you download from our library can be used in projects in perpetuity. And there’s no need to track how many times you’ve used your assets. No limit on views, no extra fees, and no expiration dates.

Maker for Teams

Storyblocks’ business plan includes Maker for Teams to help your company make more video and get your concepts out to audiences faster. That’s our integrated video creation tool that makes rapid video creation easy for anyone on your team. Maker for Teams democratizes the creative process, so even novices can create high-quality, on-brand videos. We packed in a bunch of business-exclusive features, like collaboration functionality and one-click branding to streamline the entire process. Simply put, Maker empowers your entire team to make more videos faster and easier than ever before.

No derivative work requirement

We’ve eliminated the derivative work requirement that stock media providers typically enforce. Storyblocks is one of the only creative partners that does not require you to make substantive changes to the assets you download in order to reproduce them. You can share every item in our library in its original form, with only minimal restrictions.

Increased indemnification to protect your business

We’ve got your back. Your company can be covered by up to $1million USD in indemnification on our Enterprise plans. That’s well above the industry standard of $20K USD. Assets are licensed to your business with legal coverage and usage rights for all of your team’s seat holders, not just an individual on your team. It’s like an insurance policy for your commercial use on every asset in the Storyblocks library.

Your lawyers might think this is all too good to be true. Feel free to share this link to our business license with your legal team so they can see for themselves. If they’ve ever reviewed other stock media licenses, they’ll understand immediately why Storyblocks is the industry leader.

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Storyblocks’ business license helps teams save an average of 3.5 hours per person every week. Find out how you can level up your team’s processes and get ahead of the competition with a Storyblocks subscription today!