Why Video Creators are Turning to Podcasting

You have likely noticed that a ton of YouTubers are starting their own podcasts, and you’re probably wondering why? There are a few significant reasons why it makes so much sense to make this transition, and there are definitely some things you want to make sure you know if you were debating on doing this yourself.

Reason 1: Discoverability

When you film your podcast, you can take one piece of content and cut it up into numerous segments of micro-content. As creators, we know how much work goes into making a single video. The long-form nature of the podcast allows you to cut up the episode into numerous unique pieces that can all be targeted at different people through titles, thumbnails, and metadata with each video. This increases the likelihood of new people finding your show. YouTube also rewards creators that upload a lot of content, consistently, which makes it very easy!

Reason 2: Free exposure 

By creating micro-content that is aligned with the consumption habits of YouTube viewers, you promote binge-watching. People often won’t consume full long-form podcasts on YouTube, but love to watch the micro-content. Since each is connected to multiple other short segments plus the overarching long-form episode, it makes it very easy for YouTube to suggest your other videos and promote binge-watching. This is a big trigger to YouTube and their algorithm that will result in more of your videos showing up in ‘suggested’ videos and on users’ home pages. Watch time metrics are another critical component in YouTube’s algorithm. Those who decide to consume full-length podcast episodes on YouTube will result in excellent watch time metrics. This results in YouTube promoting your content more to new viewers. In both instances, YouTubers can benefit from sharing their podcast content on YouTube.

Those are some of the fundamental reasons why it makes so much sense for YouTubers to try podcasting. Many YouTubers are also turning to podcasts because of the opportunity it presents to connect with their audience.

Is podcasting a good option for YouTubers?

Podcast listeners are a lot more forgiving and patient than YouTube viewers. Bounce rates are far lower, and consumption time is exponentially longer, providing an exceptional opportunity to strengthen a relationship with a fan and highlight your personality in ways you may be unable to do in a shorter video. YouTubers have the chance to connect with their fans on a deeper level, strengthening the relationship with their fan base. This increased connection allows podcasters to charge a premium for sponsorship or partnerships with their shows. When people begin to give you an hour or more of their time each week, that relationship is considered strong. Listeners will not only actively listen to what you have to say, but endorse it as well, and brands are willing to pay a premium for it. 

So now you know why your favorite YouTuber is starting a podcast and leveraging YouTube to increase exposure. It might be something you should consider, as well. 

Podcasting: A Small Investment with Major Gains