What You Need to Know About Storyblocks Individual License Updates

Learn about the latest updates we’ve made to Storyblocks’ licensing to help protect our customers and artists.

With rapid advances in technology, artificial intelligence, and ongoing debates around copyright, we’re making some important changes to Storyblocks’ licensing to protect our customers and artists. 

Here’s a brief summary of some key updates to our Individual License as of November 15, 2023:

Changes to Storyblocks Licensing

Acceptable use of Storyblocks assets with AI models

We’re excited by advances in artificial intelligence that are speeding up creators’ workflows (including how we are using AI to improve the Storyblocks search functionality).  However, we see generative AI as a legal and ethical risk for customers, and believe it poses an inherent threat to artists and the creator economy.  Our new license therefore prohibits the use of any Storyblocks assets to train AI or machine learning models, or as part of projects that are created entirely by AI functionality. That said, we do still permit you to use AI-powered tools to edit and enhance your projects.

NFTs, Direct-to-Print and other Unauthorized Resale

We’ve updated Storyblocks’ licensing language related to misuse of our assets including scraping, crawling, and unauthorized resale. Specifically, members cannot use our stock files as or as part of an NFTWe’ve also updated our guidelines around merchandising to limit asset use in direct to print services.

Music and PRO tracks

Our new license now includes more detail on using registered PRO tracks in public performances. It also reinforces that music and audio files cannot be used in songs and/or compositions that are shared on digital streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Perpetual Use

Our new license makes it clear that anything you create and publish during your time as a Storyblocks member will be covered by our license – forever.  However, once your subscription ends, use of downloaded assets in future projects or campaigns that are published after the cancellation date will not be covered.  Members on a Business license will still be able to use Storyblocks assets in new projects after their subscription ends.

Political Campaigns

We are limiting the permitted use of our assets for political campaigns to our Business License.  

TV, Broadcast, and Feature Films

Finally, we are limiting the permitted use of our assets for campaigns and projects in  TV, streaming, OTT and feature films to our Business License.  

Have questions about Storyblocks licensing?

These updated terms apply to all future uses of our content and any Storyblocks content you have downloaded but have not yet used in a project.  You can review our Individual license in full at any time.  

If you believe a Business License would better suit your licensing needs, click here to learn more.

It’s important to note that while our license broadly covers what members are permitted to do on the Storyblocks platform and with stock media assets, there may be additional restrictions based on the subscription plan you have signed up for.  If you have any questions about your specific plan, reach out to our team at support@storyblocks.com.