Wanderlust-Inspiring Background Music Tracks for Your Travel Video

Forget about the same boring tunes that everyone uses in their travel video projects. Give your audience something to inspire them with these wanderlust-worthy background music tracks, perfect for pairing with that stellar video footage you captured while exploring the Great Wall of China or the stunning mountains of Machu Picchu. Whatever the destination, these royalty-free background music tracks will take your project places.

We’ve broken down our track list into helpful themes to easily sync your travel footage with the perfect music—so kick off your awesome travel video with these amazing tracks.

Into the Woods

With the perfect mix of acoustic guitar and drums, these tunes will breathe some fresh woodland air into your video. Adventurous and upbeat, they are ideal to put your viewers in the right frame of mind and get your creative juices flowing. Set the tone for something unexpected or guide viewers through a spectacular multi-day hike in the jungle with these charismatic melodies.

Downtown Saturday

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Hope for change

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By the Campfire

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Climbing the Mountains

If your recent excursions took you to new heights, you’re going to need some seriously epic music to match the experience. After all, a hike to the top of Everest isn’t an everyday experience. Recreate that summit experience for your audience with awe-inspiring music. These tracks capture what it feels like to stand on the top of the world. With a combination of guitar strums and piano notes, these songs are sure to perfectly complement your video footage.
Deep Thoughts

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A Day at the Beach

There’s nothing like a day at the beach. Embody those lazy days with these four tracks while your viewers watch the waves roll in. Whether you soaked up the sun in Jamaica or sailed the Mediterranean, capture the vibe of your epic beach journey with one of these four tracks. With gentle ukulele melodies or reggae-inspired drumming, these tracks will help you relive your time basking in the sun.

6. Jamaica Groove

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City Dreaming

Did you spend a summer in Paris or bask in New York’s city lights? If so, you’ve probably already realized that no video can capture the experience without a bit of mood music. Of course, these tracks will whisk you and your loved ones away to your destination in an instant. Whether you went to London or Tokyo, explore our favorite big city melodies. With tunes ranging from sophisticated acoustic guitar riffs to sonorous ringing bells, you’re sure to find a sound to suit your footage.

Road Trippin’

Road trips are one of the best ways to see your home turf in a whole new light. Whether you’ve traveled across the continental U.S. or are planning a day trip to a nearby oasis, you need the right music to pair with your adventure. Crank up the music and capture the vibe of the open road with these three upbeat and inspirational guitar-based tunes.

Ready to share your adventure? Get creating with one of these killer background music tracks for your travel video. And remember: “Not all who wander are lost.”

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