Sound FX for Jump Scares and Shockers

Horror films are at an all time high in popularity, and audiences everywhere are searching for that next big thrill. So don’t be shocked when Wish Upon, or the reboot of It reel in millions at the box office. But, what is it about the genre that attracts so many people? It’s definitely not the complex and unique storyline. It’s the adrenaline rush that the audience feels when that ear-shattering bang rattles their bones. These sound effects, synced with a pleasantly disturbing visual, create the always enjoyable jump scare. The building block of every horror film, the jump scare isn’t complete without the proper sound effects.

What is a jump scare?

A jump scare is a filmmaking technique used in horror movies to scare the audience by surprising them with an abrupt change in imagery, usually at the same time as a loud, jarring sound. If you’ve seen famous horror films like The Ring or Friday the 13th, you know the thrill of a good jump cut. Lucky for you, our sound effects library is filled with scary, horror sound effects, and we conjured up 20 of them that’ll send shivers down your spine. Make sure your next horror project makes your audience wish they brought an extra pair of underwear with these jump scare sound effects.

Risers for jump scares

Before we get into those dramatic hits, we have to build some suspense. Risers are the atmospheric crescendos that add tension to a scene and hint that something bad is coming. They keep audiences at the edge of their seats and bring out the full potential of a jump scare. Get the most out of your scares with these riser sound effects.

1. Reverse Piano Crescendo

Download this crescendo piano sound effect.

2. Airy Dark Crescendo

Download this dark crescendo sound effect.

3. Reverse Cymbal

Download this cymbal riser sound effect.

4. Digital Ramp

Download this digital riser sound effect.

5. Reverse Ramp

Download this reverse ramp sound effect.

6. Rising Screech

Download this rising screech sound effect.

Hits for Jump Scares

A jump scare isn’t complete without a jarring hit to go along with it. If you think about it, it’s really the unexpected loud bang that gets the audience’s hearts going—which is why these sound effects will get your audience jumping out of their chairs.

7. Cinematic Hit and Echo

Download this hit and echo sound effect.

8. Horror Stab

Download this horror stab sound effect.

9. Shocking Stab Hit

Download this shocking hit sound effect.

10. Low Reverb Hit

Download this low reverb hit sound effect.

11. Ghostly Chains Hit

Download this ghostly hit sound effect.

12. Slow Motion Hit

Download this slow motion hit sound effect.

13. Distorted Crunch

Download this distorted crunch sound effect.

14. Flashback Impact

Download this flashback sound effect.

15. Dramatic Slow Motion Impact

Download this dramatic slow motion sound effect.

16. Cinematic Fat Hit

Download this cinematic hit sound effect.

17. Distant Spooky Hit

Download this spooky hit sound effect.

18. Slow Motion Clock Tick

Download this slow motion clock tick sound effect.

19. Tribal Drum Hit

Download this drum hit sound effect.

20. Dark Thud

Download this dark thud sound effect.

If these sound effects aren’t scary enough for you, you can always find more in our library of royalty-free sound effects.

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