Make a Promo Video That Turns Heads

Looking to pack a punch with your next promo video? How about using an After Effects promo video template to save some time, turn heads, and knock out the competition? Knowing how to make a promo video in After Effects takes some serious skill and dedication. We know our creators are always on the go, so our library is stocked with After Effects templates that are already queued and ready to be your next rockin’ promo video.

Brush Up On Your After Effect Skills

Now, Let’s take a peek at some of the diverse After Effects promo video templates that we have in our library. These video promo templates are customizable animated templates that make it easy for creators like you to make professional videos while saving time and energy. Not familiar with AE video templates? Learn about AE templates, then follow our tutorial on how to edit AE templates.


Download this Dynamic After Effects Promo Video from our Marketplace.

Download this Fast Paced Urban Promo Video from our Marketplace.

But, you’re not finished quite yet. No promo video is complete without some promo video background music to hype up your audience. From instrumental music for promotional videos to head-bangin’ rock tracks, you won’t be missing a beat with the music in our library.

You’ve paired the perfect After Effects template with stock music tracks that define your product and now you’re ready to create a stunning promotional video. Whether your video is meant for TV, a social media campaign or has a place on your website—Storyblocks is your one-stop shop for everything you need to create marketing materials that make an impact. Find all of the promo video templates, audio, and other media that you need to really pack a punch with your next promo.

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