Introducing In-Demand Search Terms

Hey, contributors! As an ongoing effort to provide you with information about how to meet customer demand, your Dashboard now includes data highlighting the most in-demand content on a monthly basis. The more your content connects with our members, the more your earning potential grows.

On your Dashboard we’ve displayed the top search terms that are in high demand, but have a low supply of content. We’re seeking content that directly addresses these “search gaps”. Currently, there isn’t any content meeting customer demand in these areas. That means selected content that fills these gaps has the potential to lead to faster earnings in the Partner Program. By targeting these search gaps, we can grow our member base and the earnings available to you.  

What are search gaps?

Visit the the In-Demand Content section of your Dashboard to review current library needs. We’ve identified library search gaps, meaning customers are frequently searching for these terms but are not downloading content from the search results. This signals a gap in our library, where the current content surfacing is not meeting the needs of our customers.

On the Dashboard, we’ve highlighted top terms. Think of this as a snapshot of our most needed content. This is not content that just a handful of customers are searching for. In some cases, it can be thousands. We’ve also linked to a more comprehensive list under “View All In-Demand Content”. 

How do I use this feature?

Search terms that aren’t listed on our In-Demand list could signal that there is an over-saturation or abundance of content in those areas. We hope this data will be a helpful tool when deciding what to shoot and upload to the Member Library. We want to help set your content up for success, and this information will help get you there.

To be considered as relevant content and also successfully surface in search, you should keep these key points in mind: 

  1. The actual content of the video must match the gap term
  2. The title should include the gap term
  3. Your keywords are relevant to the content and gap term 

Stuffing titles with keywords that are not relevant will not increase your download success rate.

Search gaps change over time and we know that shooting and uploading content takes time and resources. We’ll be refreshing this section on the Dashboard monthly so that you can make informed decisions about what to upload to increase your earning potential in the Partner Program.

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What are customers looking for?

How do you start interpreting what to shoot from this list of search terms? We suggest first looking at the top terms and then reviewing other terms that are closely related to create themes for an upcoming shoot. By addressing multiple gap terms, you greatly increase the number of in-demand terms you cover and improve your chances of success.

Aside from individual search terms, the feedback we hear from customers time and again is that they are searching for authentic and diverse model-released content. This means content that represents and tells the story of the diverse world we live in from a perspective that feels intimate and real. 

We want to hear from you!

We are continuously working to provide a great experience for contributors like you in the Partner Program while meeting our customers’ needs. Tell us what you think about the new Dashboard data and what we can add in the future to enable you to make the best decisions about what content you shoot and upload.

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