Epic Moments: SFX for Intense Cinematic Storytelling

Titanic. Jaws. Psycho. What do these movies have in common? Incredible soundtracks—well, that and numerous Academy Award nominations. Sound can send a chill up and down our spine when mysterious creatures attack from the watery deep or help us feel the urgency in the middle of a disaster. No matter what it’s about, if you want your film to touch your audience, you need to invest in epic sound effects.

Even the most intense cinematic moments feel dry and forced without the perfect SFX. After all, what would an apocalyptic natural disaster scene be like without clapping thunder? Don’t leave your audience hanging. To get you—and your audience—in the mood, we’ve collected some of our favorite sound effects for the epic cinematic moments in your next masterpiece.

Explosions and Action

Ramp up the adrenaline in your action-packed thriller with the right sound effects. From exploding bombs to cars crashing and buildings falling, you’re sure to find the perfect SFX to set the scene. Check out our favorites below.

Nuke Explosion

Download this nuclear explosion sound effect.

Fireball Explosion

Download this fireball explosion sound effect.

Explosion Demolition

Download this explosion house demolition sound effect.

Explosion Massive

Download this massive explosion sound effect.

Explosion Automobile Car

Download this explosion automobile sound effect.

Out of this World Sound Effects

Make ‘first contact’ with your audience via these sci-fi friendly sound effects. Take viewers inside an alien spaceship or to the base of a shuttle launch with help from these other-worldly SFX.

Emergency Alien Fast Alter

Download this Emergency Alien Fast Alert sound effect.

Data Entry Sequence Computer Type Off

Download this data entry sound effect.

Space Shuttle Lift Off

Download this space shuttle lift off sound effect.

Alarm Spaceship Sound Effect

Download this alarm spaceship sound effect.

Space Ship Landing

Download this spaceship landing sound effect.

Animal Sounds

Journey back to the real Jurassic Park or deep into the jungle, a la Tarzan and King Kong,  with these nature-themed sound effects.

Elephant Trumpeting

Download this elephant trumpeting sound effect.

Wild Bear or Monster

Download this wild bear or monster sound effect.


Download this tiger sound effect.

Natural Disaster

Everyone loves a good disaster movie, but they wouldn’t be half as entertaining without suitably epic sound effects. Let the thunder roll and the rain pour, and put the finishing touches on your disaster flick with help from these SFX.

Collapsing Distant Rumbles

Download this collapsing distant rumble sound effect.

Gravel Avalanche

Download this gravel avalanche sound effect.


Download this thunder sound effect.

Heavy Storm Rain

Download this heavy storm rain sound effect.

Want more killer sound effects for your epic cinematic scene? Then head over to our royalty-free library where you can find thousands of sound effects to download for your next flick.

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