12 Background Music Tracks for Romantic Wedding Videos

It’s official: wedding season is upon us! It’s a time when our social media feeds are full of smiling couples. But for pro- and freelance videographers, wedding season is so much more than that. These few short months are our bread and butter. Forget football—our Sundays and Mondays are for shooting and editing heirloom-quality footage that will be treasured by our clients for decades, maybe even generations. But no pressure. Check out our plans here!

It’s no wonder that we’re all looking to find ways to save time (and maybe even a few bucks) without sacrificing quality—and that’s where royalty-free music tracks come in. From rustic acoustic tunes to powerful pipe organs, there’s a track to suit every style. Use these romantic tracks to bring your wedding videos to life.

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Here Comes the Bride

Da-dum-duh-dum. It’s the quintessential wedding tune, hummed by millions of kids the world over as they play wedding with dobby the house cat and their favorite teddy bear as the officiant. It may be a bit cliché, but these tunes are classics for a reason, and let’s face it, no wedding roundup would be complete without them.

Download Wagner’s Wedding March

Download Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”

Download Bach’s “Air on the G String”

interracial bride and groom

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Classical Romance

But you don’t have to go full-on Mendolsohn to have a classic wedding video! There are tons of great wedding tracks that combine elegant melodies with more modern sensibilities. Your clients will feel like royalty when they see themselves dance the night away to these traditional tunes.

Download Romance “Canon in D”

Download “Your Wedding Day”

Download “Our Wedding Day (Always and Forever)”

  bride and groom running through field with umbrella

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Millennial Love Story

If Pinterest is to be believed, there’s nothing more à la mode than a chic, rustic wedding. With more and more couples opting for an event that’s more cozy than couture, what better music to pair with the footage from their big day than these uplifting tracks? Use these tunes to add a touch of romantic whimsy to your next wedding video.

Download Uplifting Acoustic Music

Download Romantic Acoustic Guitar Theme Music

couple placing hand on bible with wedding rings

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Happily Ever After

Okay Buzzfeed, we get it! From Disney-themed wedding gowns to the ever-growing popularity of theme park weddings, one thing is certain: everyone wants to feel the magic on their wedding day. From the time we’re little, fairy tales teach us that love paves the path to a happily ever after. As adults, we know it’s a bit more complicated, but it’s a pretty beautiful sentiment for a wedding. Capture it with these fairy-tale inspired tracks.

Download Best Day Ever

Download Fairytale

Download Happy Birds

Download Beautiful Bride

From fairy tale fantasy to farmhouse, these wedding music tracks will help take your clients back to the most memorable day of their lives, all while saving you time and money. Download the full collection below! Audio Tracks to Have and to Hold