Top 17 After Effects Templates for Building Your Portfolio

Did you just get back from an incredible photoshoot? After choosing your favorite shots and processing them, your next goal is to put your art on display for the world to see. After Effects templates can be the perfect way to emphasize the best of your recent photoshoot, highlight the tonal or visual theme of a series you’ve put together, or help you assemble a new collection.

You can also use AE photo templates to enhance your website, giving clients the ultimate way to view your work. Whether you want to show off your portrait work, landscape shots, or wedding photography, we have the perfect templates available. An After Effects photo template takes your portfolio to the next level, highlighting your amazing photos and showcasing your talent.

Check out our top 20 After Effects templates below to find your perfect template.

1. AE Template: Clean Photo Slideshow

Download this Clean Photo template

2. After Effects CS4 Template: Event Photo

Download this Event Promo template

3. AE CS4 Template: Photo Slideshow

Download this Slideshow template

4. AE CS4 Template: Photowall

Download this Photowall template

5. AE Template: Wedding 4

Download this Wedding template

6. After Effects CS4 Template: PhotoZone

Download this PhotoZone template

7. AE CS4 Template: Photo Intro

Download this Intro template!

8. AE Template: White Corporate

Download this Corporate template!

9. AE CS5 Template: Slide Show

Download this Slide Show template!

10. AE CS4 Template: Closing Presentation

Download this Closing template!

11. AE CS4 Template: Photos

Download this Photos template!

12. AE Template: Paper Photos

Download this Paper template!

13. After Effects CS4 Template: Around the World

Download this Around the World template!

14. After Effects CS5 Template: Broken Array

Download this Broken Array template!

15. After Effects CS4 Template: Summertime Logo Reveal

Download this Summertime template!

16. AE Template: Shimmering Slideshow

Download this Shimmering Slideshow template!

17. After Effects CS4 Template: World Travel

Download this World Travel template!

These are our favorite photography templates—which template is perfect for your best shots? Make your digital portfolio pop with our Adobe After Effects templates!

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