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Food and Beverage
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Cut ripe orange hits orange juice surface and rebounces. Slow motion video

Green apples fall down in water against black background, super slow motion

Shopping cart rolling through the produce section of a grocery store

Roasted coffee beans fall down into the coffee cup slow motion

Different vegetables

Many red ripe tomatoes with green leaves fall under water super slow motion shot

From above view of yellow pumpkin soup sprinkled with green herb and surrounded by pumpkins on white table

Cocktail near the swimming pool on the background of the Indian Ocean, Maldives.

Extreme close up view of bakers hands one by one kneading the pieces of dough in the flour on the table. Beautiful process, daily routine. Baking manufacture, traditions. Bread-making industry.

Tasty burger is great on a wooden tray. A woman takes his hands and was going to eat.

Jar of Honey with Honey Dipper, Limetree Leaves on Background

Mans cooking chicken on barbecue grill outdoor. The smoke coming from the barbecue grill.

Closeup of Grapes Rotating on White Background

Three Tomatoes Rotating on White Background

4 Man Athlete Drinks Protein Milk Shake After Training

Breads and baked goods close-up

Rotating Lettuce

Rotating Tomatoes

Fork taking a slice of stacked buttermilk pancakes drenched in maple syrup, in slow motion

Cherry in the market

Whiskey Pour Slow Motion (UHD/4K)

Fresh Juice and a Bunch of Fruit

Super slow motion video of strawberry splashing into cream

Assorted Citrus Fruit Rotating on White Background 3

Beautiful couple relaxing in a hotel. Drink tea.

Glasses with alcohol and different drinks - wine, champagne on banquet table in a restaurant

Water Drops Falling on Closeup of Red Cherries

Smoothie With Whipped Cream And Berries In Female Hands

Sliced Avocado Rotating on White Background

Assorted Citrus Fruit Rotating on White Background 2

Cut and whole orange and orange juice being poured into glass. Super slow motion

Three Apples Rotating on White Background

Closeup of Assorted Fruit Rotating on White Background

Barista makes latte cappuccino in coffee machine

Vegetable and cheese salad, several videos in one

Pouring red wine into wineglass against black and white background extreme close-up. Winemaking, red color and flavor concepts. Super slow motion shot

Rotating Asparagus Tops

Bacon Cooking In Frying Pan

Tropical Fruits and Berries

Grilled meat with smoke. Closeup. Arabic food. Roasted meat with crust. Macro. Cooking shish kebab. Tasty grilled food. Food prepared on fire. Traditional picnic food. Cooked shashlik

Rotating Red, Orange, Yellow and Green Bell Peppers Zoomed Out

Red hot chili pepper hits surface of red sauce. Super slow motion video

Cook put the fresh hot buns with sesame in the bakery

Super slow motion macro of red wine being poured into a glass, gray background

Pouring red wine from green bottle, dark background, super slow motion macro

People Dine In Restaurant With Large Windows

Zoom Out from Green Plate Fruit Platter

Breaking egg, top view. Cooking scrambled eggs on a frying pan super slow motion close-up shot