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Boy sitting in the cafe and looks unhappy, steadycam shot

Teenage girl typing on laptop and smiling to the camera

KIEV, UKRAINE, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012: The first lesson in the new gymnasium for gifted children in Kiev, Ukraine, September 1, 2012

doctor and child paitent 2

Portrait of a beautiful young mixed race hispanic teenage girl looking at the camera and smiling

One child on slide in park.

Grandmother and granddaughter playing with hula hoops in park.

Teen boy sitting on bed at home and listening to music in headphones while practicing guitar

Content boy lying on bed and using smartphone for chat with friends via Internet having fun

Expressive teen boy learning guitar play while standing in bedroom and playing with passion

Girl with earpieces looks web pages on his smartphone. Pretty girl sits at the table and uses smartphone. Girl with earphones and smartphone. Child with smartphone

modern technology, gaming and people concept - boy in virtual reality headset or 3d glasses playing videogame at home

School Soccer Match During Recess in Kenya 9

Boy coming home after a bad day at school, relaxing on red sofa

Slow motion of father with son on back playing in countryside.

Two girls playing on beach listening to conch shell.

Boy walking on the beach next to the sea, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 24


Teenager sit inside car on passenger seat, wait for friends or car sharing driver to start trip. Young woman scroll through different apps and pages on smartphone in darkness

Grandmother and granddaughter playing with floppy hat in park.

Baby boy looks absorbed while playing with plasticine on the table

Mother and 12 month old baby playing on bed indoors.

Baby boy kissing and hugging his little newborn brother

Slow motion of grandfather pushing grandmother and granddaughter on swing in park.

Vladikavkaz, Alania/Russia - December 10 2017:Close-up female professional doctor stomatologist at work treats and makes check up of teeth boy patient in medical dental clinic. Pediatric dentistry.

Child playing in the rope, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240fps

Teenager browsing internet on tablet and answering her phone

Family caucasian children portrait laughting with parents on park.

Father and child enjoying their time together in the park

Active three month old baby boy take a baby bath, mom holds his head

Little baby boy in blue clothes lies on the bed with rattles

Funny girl in big glasses in the shape of hearts with smartphone lies on the bed. Little girl lies on the pillow, holds in hands red mobile phone. Funny bambino with cell phone

Woman with her son playing in the river, slow motion shot at 240fps

Youngster eating soup in slow motion

Funny girl in big glasses in shape of stars looks at camera and makes grimaces. Beautiful little girl in pink glasses looks at the camera

Young boy with mother at home, closeup, slow motion shot at 100fps

Slow motion, baby boy with light flares illuminated face

baby baker playing on blue wall

Children at the helm of the ship. happy childhood and adventure concept.

Grandparents and granddaughter playing with kite in countryside.

Happy teenager listening music on headphones and smiling to the camera

mother and father cuddling children on towels on beach

Grandparents and baby granddaughter playing in garden by flowery shrub.

Young family walking and playing on beach parents carrying children

family playing on beach

baby baker playing in cook hat

Young family walking and playing on beach with children on shoulders in sunset

Slow motion of girl doing cartwheels on beach.

Grandmother and granddaughter playing with hula hoops in park.