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Happy man turn round on the beach during sunset, slow motion, shot at 240fps

Flying Through Turns on Wooden Roller Coaster

A man extreme drives Nissan, turn the steering wheel and use the Hand brake

young woman is switching on floor lamp in living room at evening, detail shot, interior and furniture of room

Excited girl in hat, long hair walks on a bridge. European female traveller happy, turn round between yellow walls. 4K.

Car and Biker Make a Turn Above San Francisco

Diverse candidates for vacancy sitting on chairs waiting their turn

A young black woman puts on a face mask and looks at the camera as she sits on a bench in a park on a sunny day - face side closeup

Abstract Grunge Industrial Clock Gears 9

Romantic woman in field spinning around and touching hair during sunset

Elderly sad male patient in a wheelchair at the hospital looks out the window then turn to camera and look at the camera

Large building air conditioning unit fan blades spinning slow motion

Happy man spinning around in the park, steadycam shot

Plastic rainbow windmill rotates against the setting sun

Spinning Teacups at Disney

Father with doughter in park - daddy is spinning Little child girl, slow-motion

Jenny eagle owl turns its head and looks around

Blue spinning top spinning, wobbling and stopping. Whirligig in action is reflected on mirror surface. Slow motion

Man doing silly things while rotating on white

TALLIN, ESTONIA - MAY 24, 2014: Focus on the young man with product in hands stealing by the cashiers in the supermarket. Shoplifter leaving the shop very fast

adult woman sitting at the desk in home office. caucasian lady with blonde hair using laptop surfing internet turn to the camera with cute friendly smile

Bicycle wheel rotates against the blue sky in slow motion

AERIAL VIEW. This is a full frame shot above the area of Russia carting championship with moving carts along the track which took place in 2015 on the route in Yevpatoriya, Crimea. Grey cloudy sky on

Big ostrich muzzle close up. Turning head, slow motion.

Young schoolgirl turns around to reveal she is wearing a mask

Cherry burgundy, macro rotating panel

girl turns and puts on cowboy hat then smiles

mixed race woman with curly hair turn at camera and smiling

portrait happy smiling man half-face than turning full face looking at the camera with friendly smile

A smiling male driver wearing a cap backwards makes a turn. Driving at night. Back view

Black smartphone turns on on green background. Easy customizable blue screen. Computer generated image.

Happy woman turns the head and hair. slow motion

Young woman whirl around in summer park, enjoy life concept. Slow motion


Lab Bar 35Asian woman dj wear black mask dancing to the music, enjoy the party, mixing turntable, Asian female in night club, quarantine covid-19, close up action movement fun, hype turn the beat up


A slim fit asian girl doing slow full turn happily by the beach on her long holiday, tropical exotic beach to the ocean, summer vacation or holiday, huge natural mountain and ocean view on background


Side drone point of view shot of cyclist riding over snowy cold mountain pass between snow walls on empty road. Epic cinematic athlete training location. Professional road cycling


Dark hair girl in a white t-shirt is walking to the window from inside speaking, enjoying the talk on the phone and smiling. She looks out and stays chatting. Turns back and walks away.


Close view of damaged sign board, Narrow bridge ahead go slow


Close view of go slow sign board along the Indian road

happy mother turns daughter's hands,


SLOW MOTION Asian female dj mixing music on turn table, standing performing, electronic music, laptop audio software, edm music industiral, live performance, 1080p disc jockey close up, techno disco


Blur shot woman dj wear black mask play the music on the mixing console in the nightclub, Asian female in mask turn up music in the club during covid-19, anti-quarantine, camera looking up, sound mix


Portrait of good-looking Caucasian male manager using smartphone app to turn on scooter. Young businessman riding ecological transport outdoors. Ecology, business, transportation concept.

african american man walking on the street turn to the camera cheerful smiling slow motion summer nature outdoors

Two cute beagles walking to their bowl with food at home. Female dog eating meal while her male friend waiting for his turn


Kendo tournament - a man in national clothes is waiting for his turn

Ferris Wheel Medium Shot Turns During Early Evening Carnival

Close-up of man pressing button on car panel. Button for seat heating in car. the man turns on the heated seats.