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Happy woman relaxation on sea beach at sunset

Peaceful mature retired woman breathing fresh air full breasts.

Lotus Flowers On Lake Water 24


Amazing cinematic aerial view of cars and train on bridge over amazing Dnepr river and idyllic sunrise Kyiv panorama.

Female silhouette meditating under the Carina Nebula.

Attractive young girl in white clothes stands in the middle of a wheat field and meditates. Close-up. Slow motion

Birds flying in blue sky. Tranquil background nature scene.

back view woman sitting lotus pose on meadow nature landscape at sunset slow motion

Closeup dark ocean water breaking sand beach in sunset evening. Calm sea waves splashing coast in slow motion at morning sunrise. Close up water surface reflecting golden sunlight. Relax rest travel

Woman do yoga at sunset

Portrait of charming african american fitness woman meditating with eyes closed, doing restorative yoga exercise and smiling at camera. Lovely black female practicing stress relief breathing technique

Young smiling relaxed woman listening to calm music in headphones resting outdoors on urban embankment. Portrait of slim beautiful positive Caucasian millennial enjoying hobby.

Fit woman performing yoga in the beach 4k

Close up sea waves splashing summer golden beach. Closeup ocean water surface reflecting orange sunrise morning. Lake water waves breaking coastline in slow motion. Yellow sunlight reflection


Millennial African American female freelancer having online conference working at home. Woman closing laptop to take a short break for breathing practice and meditation while working hard online.

Tranquil pretty long brown hair woman in deep thoughts sitting on beanbag chair on meadow, pondering over something, enjoying beautiful sunset during summer vacations in countryside.

Side view face of smiling happy young Asian woman standing in sunlight inhaling fresh air in spring summer park. Close-up portrait of relaxed calm confident lady enjoying leisure outdoors on sunny day.

An abstract concept of spiritual awakening through mindful meditation.

Spouses are standing on beach in evening time and looking on sea horizon. Husband is hugging his wife from back, tranquility and romantic

Sky at sunrise. Clouds in motion. Tranquility and peace.

Relax background.

Autumn in city parks. The beauty and tranquility of nature. Dolly shot.

Closeup calm ocean waves splashing golden sand beach. Orange sunrise reflecting in sea water on seashore. Water waves breaking sand shore in sunny morning. Summer evening coastline close up.

Lifestyle portrait of gorgeous calm african american woman standing on bridge, enjoying panoramic cityscape and relaxing in rays of early morning rising sun, expressing carefree mood and happiness.

Back view of relaxed African American LGBT man sitting on cliff admiring beauty of blue Mediterranean sea. Happy carefree gay tourist resting on vacations. Tranquility and freedom concept.

Yoga mat woman stretching hip, hamstring muscles, leg muscles with pigeon pose stretch. 20s 4k


Woman turn her arms, practicing yoga at home, rear view

Summer sky with pink sunset clouds. Calm and beautiful nature scene as concept of freedom, serenity and stillness. abstract cloudscape footage. calm purple cloud

Woman in lotus positiong on beach.

Close-up of peaceful lovely african american female traveler sitting barefoot on rocks, scooping up handful of clear water from mountain stream, refreshing and drinking from palms during hiking.

Lotus Flowers On Lake Water And Rain 1

Worried stressed Middle Eastern man meditating in kitchen messaging online on laptop. Portrait of overwhelmed handsome bearded manager calming down in home office indoors. Business stress concept.

calm meditate outdoors man in casual shirt looking at beautiful sunset breathing slow motion


High angle view Caucasian teenage girl and young woman with beautiful roses lying on couch outdoors smiling. Cute teenager and charming sister enjoying spring leisure. Tranquility and confidence.


A 360-degree virtual reality experience, of having one minute of tranquility deep in a forest beside a stream and man-made stone bridge.

Happy sleeping mature woman hugging teddy bear lying in white comfortable soft bed indoors at home. High angle view portrait of calm relaxed Caucasian lady napping in cozy bedroom.


Grass moving sea beach outdoors. Ocean waves crashing in empty sand shore top view. Close up green herbs blowing swaying wind at calming water background summer coast. Tranquility peaceful concept.

Closeup ocean water splashing golden sand coast in sunset evening. Close up sea waves reflecting orange sunrise. Morning sunlight in lake water surface. Yellow sun light reflection. Travel vacation

Lotus Flowers On Lake Water 26

Close up view of the hand of a woman writing in her diary at sunset with the glowing orb of the sun reflected over a still ocean

Lotus Flowers On Lake Water 15

Silhouette of a slender girl do warrior namaste yoga pose at sunset. Seaside

Bronze Tibetan singing bowl for meditation on the sandy sea beach

Side view of young sportive female wearing pink shirt and black shorts sitting in lotus position and meditating on beautiful empty beach in summer morning

Group of people do yoga

Lotus Flowers On Lake Water 12

Lotus Flowers On Lake Water 6

Close-up of blooming beautiful mountain wildflowers in rays of warm summer sunrise with blurry serene black woman swaying and relaxing in hammock in background. Nature, recreation and freedom concept