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"touching buttons"
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Closeup woman hands pressing smartphone buttons on city street. Unrecognizable girl holding mobile phone outdoors. Unknown woman using cellphone in urban background.

Detailed view of male person pressing buttons on white keyboard. Macro shot of man hand using computer. Closeup male fingers typing on pc keyboard. Unrecognizable man pushing keys on computer keyboard

Close-up - the panel with levels buttons in a modern elevator

Macro view of man hand working on laptop computer. Closeup male fingers typing buttons on laptop. Dolly shot of male hands working on computer. Unknown person pushing keys on computer keyboard

Navigation screen on plane control dashboard. Close up female hand tuning airplane navigation devices. Airplane navigation system. Cockpit instruments. Gps navigation system

Angry man using modern notebook and having problems with it, steadycam shot

Occupied businesswoman working on laptop in the cafe, steadycam shot

Busy man in a tweed jacket working on laptop, steadycam shot

Bride dresses. Bridesmaid fastened bride's dress. Corset of bride. Wedding day. Mother fastens with buttons on the bride's dress.

Side view of man in face mask turning on industrial equipment in factory. Male Caucasian employee touching buttons on automated machinery and green diodes lighting up. Industry, manufacture.

Retoucher man works at the computer - digital photo processing

Tracking shot of womans hands typing on keyboard

Attractive woman sitting on the bench in the city and working on laptop, steadyc

Businessman eating sandwich and working on laptop, steadycam shot

Businessman wearing tuxedo and holding his hands together, steadycam shot

Mans hands typing on the laptop keyboard

Girl sitting on the sofa and typing something on laptop, steadycam shot

Stylish woman with red nails finish working on laptop

Teenage girl typing on laptop and smiling to the camera

Female hand switch toggle on airplane control panel. Control buttons on plane panel. Close up of female hand switch tumbler on dashboard. Instrumental control panel of aircraft cockpit

Dolly shot of man hands typing text on laptop. Closeup fingers pressing buttons on keyboard. Macro view of unknown man working on laptop computer. Male hands using black keyboard on grey laptop

Attractive woman having a bath and using notebook, steadycam shot, slow motion s

Unrecognizable person turning buttons on panel in concert hall. Sound engineer adjusting sound in recording studio. Macro man hand touching knobs on control desk in music studio.

Elegant businessman sitting in the car and working on laptop


Close up. DJ sound control console for mixing dance music in disco club. Hands touching buttons sliders, playing electronic music on mixing deck, color illumination in nightclub dance party.

Businessman working hard on laptop at home, steadycam shot

Man working on laptop and drinking water

Businessman in a checked shirt sitting in the cafe and working on laptop

Businesscouple working in silence on laptops at home

Businesscouple working on laptops at home

Man working at a computer closeup

Businessman comparing bad results on cellphone and laptop

Student listening music and using laptop while sitting under the tree

Girl having problems with laptop and pressing button couple of times

Businessman working on laptop and holding sandwich, steadycam shot

Teenage girl lying on her bed and typing on laptop

Doctor sitting by the desk and working on computer

Happy hipster working on laptop on the bench, steadycam shot

Businesswoman start working on laptop, steadycam shot

Beared man working at a computer

Man thinking about something and starts typing on laptop, steadycam shot

Man working on laptop in the kitchen and having painful backache, steadycam shot

12-Young Boy In Vintage Car Touches Buttons And Controls

Young man using laptop and smiling to the camera, steadycam shot

Boy sitting on the bed and working on laptop

Girl changing channels on TV using remote control and drinking beverage

Pretty girl looks satisfied while sitting on terrace and using notebook, steadyc

Girl playing the piano and singing while smiling to the camera, steadycam shot