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White teeth video stock footage

Crooked teeth, macro shot

4 K Animation Clean And Dirty Tooth And Gum For Whitening And Protection Healthy Oral Concept

4 K Animation Clean And Dirty Tooth For Whitening And Protection Aura Healthy Oral Concept

Teeth, probe and mouth mirror. Examination at dentist, close up. Perfection starts from health.

Close up mouth of woman smiling

Animation of Tooth Rotation

Smiling woman mouth

Doctor examining teaching model of gums and teeth for dentist by dental hook with cleaning tools on back blue background

Close up shot of dental doctor showing a handle on roentgen of the teeth of man.

Lady checking teeth in mirror. Face of young female. New dental implants.

Young woman brushing teeth with bamboo wooden ecofriendly toothbrush.

Dental care - 3D Animation

Dirty Teeth Full of Germs get Cleaned by Toothpaste and Water Version 1 | Germ Removal by Mouthwash | Oral Health Care | Human Jaw 3D Animation | Perfect Teeth | DCI 4K 4096x2304 and Full HD 1920x1080

Dentist assistant writing parameters from digital dental fingerprint of patient, while specialist doctor with face mask speaks to man with toothache sitting on stomatological chair preparing tools

Dirty Teeth Full of Germs get Cleaned by Toothpaste and Water Version 2 | Germ Removal by Mouthwash |Oral Health Care | Human Jaw 3D Animation | Perfect Teeth | DCI 4K 4096x2304 and Full HD 1920x1080

Dentist showing to the camera how to use a tool. Dentist showing jaw model, giving lesson on proper teeth and oral cavity care.

Animation of Tooth Rotation

dental hygiene, people and beauty concept - man with floss cleaning teeth and looking to mirror at home bathroom

Closeup of dentist looking at dental x-ray plate

Mouth of a dental patient. Teeth, probe and concave mirror.

Orthodontist put on elastic on braces. Healthy teeth. Good smile of the patient 4k

Dentist drilling tooth of young woman. Root canal treatment process in dentist office. Doctor working with patient in dental clinic. Stomatologist treating teeth in dentist clinic interior

Hologram Screen of Molar Tooth

Extreme close-up of oral inspection of young Caucasian female patient

Camera Zooms in to Show Human Teeth | Human Jaw 3D Animation | Perfect Teeth | DCI 4K 4096x2304 Full HD 1920x1080

Doctor during visit of female child in dental clinic, dentist working with assistant, checking teeth of young baby girl

Man showing his teeth

Bad teeth close up. Dental examination procedure. Symptoms of caries.

View from the mouth at the dentist

Young man is brushing his teeth by toothbrush in bathroom in morning, close-up


Human xray tooth and scan software interface

Dentist shows a patient at tablet image of white teeth

Close up of mouth brushing teeth slow motion

happy tooth and sick embraced characters hygiene animation hd

Stressed man with terrible toothache. Close up frustrated senior man touching his cheek because of strong tooth ache, blurred background.

Woman hand holding toothbrush and tooth paste tube. Close up of white toothpaste squeezing on toothbrush. Morning teeth brushing. Oral hygiene and caries prevention

Examination of the patient by using panoramic and cephalometric X-Ray scanner

Fun tooth boxing - 3D Animation

Extreme close-up shot of polishing female teeth with professional dental equipment. Visit to the dentist

Dentist working on teeth dark background

Brushing teeth close up. Business man in the morning brushing teeth in bathroom.

X-ray of the teeth in the hands of the dentist. Female dentist shows a young man's ill tooth on a radiograph. 4k

Female doctor dentist is showing x-ray teeth on tablet to young female patient. Dentist is wearing lab coat

False teeth in glass of water

tooth sketch illustration hand drawn animation transparent

Fun doctor - 3D Animation

Couple Cleans Teeth Man And Woman Together In Bathroom